Marinette, Green Bay and Manitowoc Campuses represent at Research in the Rotunda

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the annual Research in the Rotunda was held in the Capitol Rotunda in Madison. Undergraduate researchers from across the state, together with their faculty advisors, shared their research findings on a variety of important topics with state leaders and legislators. Take a look at this impressive list of UW-Green Bay participants:

Water Research Fellows: 

  • The Absorptive and Adsorptive Capacity of Cyanobacteria (Microcystis aeruginosa) Exopolysaccharide Sheath for CR(VI): Environmental and Health Implications,” Becky Berry (Marinette), and Sarah Klemp (Green Bay), Green Bay and Marinette Campuses
  • “Walleye, Lake Whitefish, and Yellow Perch Predation on Round Goby in Green Bay,” Alexandria Keiler-Klein (De Pere), Green Bay Campus

Green Bay Campus students:

  • “Chloroplast DNA Sequencing Reveals the Presence of Two Exotic Phragmites Haplotypes in Northeast Wisconsin,” Rebecca Malcore, Brussels
  • “Discovery of Antibiotic-Producing Soil Bacteria with Broad-Spectrum Activity,” Halee Behrens, Waubeka, WI and Katlyn Tappy, Green Bay
  • “Do You Seriously Care About the Environment? Perceived Underlying Motives Can Impact Customer Relations,” Noah Redfearn, De Pere
  • “Exploring Reflectacles as Anti-Surveillance Glasses and for Adversarial Machine Learning in Computer Vision,” Ryan Jackson, Green Bay
  • “From Good to Great: The Qualities of Effective Coaching,” Austyn Everingham, Noblesville, IN and Nicholas Livingston, Two Rivers
  • “The Criminalization of Sex at the Wisconsin Industrial Home for Women, 1920-1933,” Jacqueline Grabowski, Sheboygan, WI, Whitlee Neuens, Niagara, WI and Megan Schoenauer, Green Bay

Manitowoc Campus students:

  • “Monitoring of Water Quality Restoration Area at Centerville Creek in Manitowoc County,” Nicholas Geiger, Manitowoc; Meghan Jackson, Two Rivers and Josh Steckmesser, Two Rivers

Faculty Advisers:

  • UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Patrick Forsythe (Natural and Applied Sciences)
  • UW-Green Bay Prof. Patricia Terry (Natural and Applied Sciences)
  • Marinette Campus Associate Prof. Mark Klemp (Chemistry)
  • Marinette Campus Assistant Prof. Renee Richer (Biological Sciences)
  • UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Lisa Grubisha (Natural and Applied Sciences)
  • UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Brian Merkel (Human Biology)
  • UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Gaurav Bansal (Business Administration)
  • UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Ankur Chattopadhyay (Natural and Applied Sciences)
  • UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Timothy Kaufman (Education)
  • UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Kimberley Reilly (Democracy and Justice Studies)
  • UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Associate Prof. Rebecca Abler (Biological Sciences)
  • UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Prof. Richard Hein (Biological Sciences)

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Posters in the Rotunda 2019

– Photos by Janet Bonkowski, Marketing and University Communication

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