UW-Green Bay extends furloughs, plans to reopen campuses on July 1 | News, Sports, Jobs – The Daily news

Green Bay, Wis. — Campus leaders of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will extend furlough plans through December as the university continues to manage the financial impacts brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The plan requires faculty and staff to take unpaid leave and will result in approximately $826,830 in savings for the university from June to December.

Source: UW-Green Bay extends furloughs, plans to reopen campuses on July 1 | News, Sports, Jobs – The Daily news

Next steps after COVID-19 testing

A public service announcement: COVID-19 testing continues at the two Community Testing Sites in Brown County, questions often come up after a test is done. What should I do if I have symptoms? When will I get my results? It’s been 10 days and I don’t have results…what should I do?

The Next Steps after COVID-19 Testing graphic is intended to answer those questions and provide guidance for those who have gone through the testing process.

And a reminder, the Community Testing Sites at the Resch Center and Casa ALBA Melanie will remain open through Friday, May 22. The testing, which is FREE and BY APPOINTMENT, is done Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

To schedule an appointment at either site, go to StayHealthyBC.com. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 2-1-1, which is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emergency funding now extends to students enrolled in summer courses

Students enrolled in a summer course can now receive emergency funding. To meet the minimum requirements for any emergency funding, students must be enrolled at UW-Green Bay as a degree-seeking, full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate student for the Spring or Summer 2020 Semester. The student must also be experiencing unexpected financial hardship. See more about the grant and how students can quickly apply.

Video: Chancellor Alexander congratulates and challenges honors graduates

Usually there would be a gathering to celebrate honors students. This year, Chancellor Mike Alexander has a special video message for honors graduates.

“Hi, my name is Mike Alexander and I have the honor and privilege of being the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I’m very glad to be able to greet you today, and it’s still important that we take a moment to celebrate what you’ve achieved, so I will talk just for a few minutes about what I feel is important about being an honor student.

One, it shows that you’ve been able to work really hard through your college career. You’ve been able to persevere through challenges. You’ve been able to understand the importance of what an education means for your future and you’ve put yourself in a position now to be able to use it hopefully to benefit all around you.

And that last point, I think, is the most important thing I could talk about. That graduating with honors from a university means that you have an increased responsibility to do good in the world. It’s vital that those that are that are the most prepared, that have worked the hardest, that have the skills needed to be able to move our community and our region and our world forward, use them to be able to make our community a better place.

So I want to thank you for choosing UW-Green Bay for your education. It means a lot to us to have so many bright and talented students that come to our University. You’ve achieved a lot to be in the very top percentage of all of our graduates this year and that should not be taken lightly. I encourage you to remember, as you go throughout your career, the responsibility that you carry as a UW-Green Bay graduate to follow in the footsteps of the thousands who come before you who are doing great things in the world.

So thank you again, congratulations on your achievement, please keep in touch with us at the University and let us know the good things that are happening to you, the challenges that you face and we hope that we can always be resource for you throughout your career. Best of luck and thank you again.”

Hope to see many of you on August 22 for Commencement!

The COVID-19 Effect on the Wisconsin Nonprofit Sector Report 1 now available

The COVID-19 Effect on the Wisconsin Nonprofit Sector Report 1 for Northeast Wisconsin through a collaboration with UW-Green Bay’s Center for Public Affairs is available with a more detailed report to come.

Several online presentations to review the findings and discuss their implications are available:

May 22 @12pm – Registration Link

May 26 @ 12pm – Registration Link

May 29 @ 12pm – Registration Link

Follow this link to learn more about this year-long project.


Reminder: Items checked out from UW-Green Bay Libraries not due before July 1

A reminder: If you have any materials checked out from one of the UWGB Libraries (Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette, or Sheboygan), all the due dates have been extended until July 1. We want to ensure that no one feels the need to return library materials during this time of the campus closure.  However, we recognize that some people may be leaving the area as the semester ends.  Therefore, the UWGB Libraries have put together the following process for returning materials if you need to do so.

Green Bay Campus

  • BOOKS – Books from any UW, not just a UWGB Library, may be dropped off in the outdoor book drop outside the second floor (plaza level) entrance that faces the Weidner Center.
  • NON-BOOKS – All other materials (laptops, keys, and other electronic equipment) may be dropped off at the Check-In Desk in MAC Hall (second floor, across from Union) Monday – Friday 10AM – 2PM. There will be a library cart located near the desk to place your item(s). You will need to sign your name and indicate what is being returned on the sign in sheet with the cart.
  • All returned items will be checked in after a quarantine period.

Manitowoc Campus

  • No returns accepted until campus reopens. You may return materials to the Green Bay campus if you wish. Any items returned to the Green Bay campus will checked in and eventually returned to the Manitowoc Campus.

Marinette Campus

  • Books may be returned by utilizing the exterior book drop slot on the library building.
  • Non-book materials will need to wait until the campus reopens or returned to the Green Bay campus MAC Hall check-in desk.

Sheboygan Campus

  • No returns accepted until campus reopens. You may return materials to the Green Bay campus if you wish. Any items returned to the Green Bay campus will checked in and eventually returned to the Sheboygan Campus.

Other UW Libraries

  • You may return books from other UW Libraries to the Green Bay campus.
  • If the item was checked out at a different UW school, it may take much longer to be checked in. Rest assured, we have the item and will check it in as soon possible.

In addition to library materials, if you were loaned a laptop, hot spot, or other piece of technology from the Division of Information Technology (Help Desk), you may also return those items to the Green Bay Campus, following the non-book procedure listed above.

To state again, ALL library materials have had due dates extended to July 1. You DO NOT need to return materials currently.  We are only making this information available for those that need or wish to return materials now.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the UWGB Libraries via refdesk@uwgb.edu, (920) 465-2303, or via chat on our website www.uwgb.edu/library/.