Reminder: CAHSS Events this week

All Rise: Kayla Billett and Anthony Sirianni Jr.

Join Kayla and Anthony Monday, April 12 from 6 to 7 p.m. Both Kayla Billett and Anthony Sirianna Jr. are UWGB alumni. After finishing a Master’s at UWGB, Kayla is now a student at Mitchell Hamline School of Law; she has recently clerked for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. Anthony graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Master’s in 2017 and is now a student at Rutgers Law School.

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To join this Zoom event, visit the CAHSS & Effect Website. 

Great Decisions Lecture Series: China’s Role in Africa

The COVID-19 crisis has put a massive strain on what was growing a positive economic and political relationship between China and the continent of Africa. As Chinese President Xi Jinping’s centerpiece “Belt and Road initiative” continues to expand Chinese power, the response to the spread of Covid-19, as well as the African government’s growing debt to China, has seen pushback. What are some of the growing economic and political issues between China and Africa? Allen Xiao, a UW-Madison Geography PH.D candidate,  is the speaker of this event. Join the lecture on Wednesday, April 14 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

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Philosophers’ Café: The Liberty of Thought and Discussion

Please join us Wednesday, April 14 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. to discuss issues surrounding the liberty of thought and discussion! Our discussion will be moderated by Dr. David Louzecky (Philosophy, UWGB-Sheboygan). As much as we’d like to maximize the liberty of thought and discussion, the burdens imposed by misinformation and disinformation are making it difficult to form rational beliefs and actions. Should I get vaccinated? Should we go green? Reasoning requires data. Where can Diogenes find an honest source? China controls what’s reported. Burma shuts down the internet. Facebook blocks sites. Twitter censors. Allegedly, the head of the FDA was told to approve or get fired. That’s prescribed, rather than proscribed, speech: it’s why Henry VIII removed St. Thomas More’s head.

The Next Best Thing: Connecting Through Music in Spite of Everything

Part of the No Reservations series, join Professor Michelle McQuade Dewhirst on The Next Best Thing: Connecting Through Music in Spite of Everything on Thursday, April 15 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on the UWGB Music Youtube Channel.

The pandemic has forced musicians to rethink the ways in which they relate to their audiences and to each other. In this talk, I’ll discuss pieces I’ve written in the past year for musicians who are finding new ways to connect in a time of crisis.



Regents announce outstanding UW System teachers for 2021 | Urban Milwaukee

UW- Green Bay Recipients:

Ekaterina (Katia) Levintova, Professor of Political Science and Global Studies, Department of Democracy and Justice Studies, UW-Green Bay. Dr. Levintova joined UW-Green Bay’s faculty in 2007 and teaches first-year seminars to upper-level political science courses. Her innovative, student-focused teaching blends discussion and lecture with simulations, such as asking students in upper- and lower-level courses to stage public opinion polls and a mock political campaign.

Nutrition Sciences/Dietetics Program, UW-Green Bay. The Nutrition Sciences/Dietetics program is an emphasis within the Human Biology major and currently enrolls 73 students. Three faculty members contribute to the teaching of this program – Deb Pearson, Ms. Sara Wagner, and Leanne Zhu – with Ms. Heather Masters serving as the dietetic internship director.

Source: Regents announce outstanding UW System teachers for 2021 | Urban Milwaukee


Professor Weinschenk publishes new paper

Prof. Aaron Weinschenk (Political Science) recently had a peer-reviewed journal article accepted for publication. The paper is titled “Educational attainment has a causal effect on economic, but not social ideology: Evidence from discordant twins” and will be published in the journal Political Studies. The paper is co-authored with Stig Hebbelstrup Rye Rasmussen (Aarhaus University, Denmark), Asbjørn Sonne Nørgaard (Cevea, Denmark), Robert Klemmensen (Southern Denmark University), and Jacob von Bornemann Hjelmborg (Southern Denmark University).

UWGB Model EU Club in national event

UWGB Model EU Club is participating in the annual  Model EU conference at Indiana University-Bloomington (virtually). The seven member delegation representing Estonia consists of first-year students, graduating seniors, 2020 graduates, and transfer students. This is UWGB’s first time participating in this national event that brought 175 students from Universities in Texas, Florida, Illinois,  Indiana, NC and Minnesota, and other states to Indiana University. UWGB students will debate and adopt resolutions dealing with energy independence, COVID vaccinations, carbon tax, unemployment insurance, common EU army and cybersecurity.

Conservative Groups and Donors Impact Nonpartisan Appeals Court Race

UW-Green Bay Prof. Aaron Weinschenk talked with UpNorthNews last week about partisan and nonpartisan politics.

No state Supreme Court race this year, but tens of thousands of dollars and high-profile endorsements are flying in two down-ballot races in next week’s election.The likes of former Gov. Scott Walker, likely Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, and conservative megadonors Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein are leaving their marks on next week’s Appeals Court races, injecting a significant level of partisan politics and funding into what are officially nonpartisan elections.This seepage of partisanship has been going on for years in higher court elections. But the rhetoric and funding is trickling down into lower races, a trend that is emblematic of the nation’s increasing political polarization and the ongoing right-wing effort to control the nation’s courts.Visible partisanship in court races is not necessarily an inherently bad thing because it can in some ways help voters identify judges who align with their views, experts told UpNorthNews, but it nonetheless can tarnish the judicial branch’s reputation as fair and impartial.

Source: Conservative Groups and Donors Impact Nonpartisan Appeals Court Race

Assoc. Prof. Coen presents refugee policy research

UW-Green Bay Associate Professor Alise Coen (Political Science, Public & Environmental Affairs) presented her research on U.S. refugee policy to the Western Political Science Association last week. Her paper, “Terrorist Infiltrators, Gendered Threat, and the Specter of 9/11: U.S. Retreats from Refugee Responsibility-Sharing” was delivered as part of a virtual panel on Immigration Policy at the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) conference on Friday, April 2. More information about the conference is available on this WPSA website.

Professor Katia Levintova named co-director of the Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) is delighted to announce Professor Katia Levintova as the new co-director of the Center. Levintova will be working alongside Prof. David Coury and Ashley Heath to manage and expand the CCE on campus and within the community. Levintova has been at UWGB since Fall 2007 and has extensive experience integrating experiential and civic minded teaching in the classroom. She is currently a professor of Political Science and Global Studies in the Democracy and Justice Studies program where she teaches courses on Comparative Politics and International Relations. She has served as chair of both Political Science and Global Studies programs and has received the UWGB 2019 Founders Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her work with students in internships and collaborations within the community will be an asset in the work of the CCE.