Prof. Harvey Kaye featured in FDR article | Moyers & Company 

Prof. Harvey J. Kaye (Democracy and Justice Studies), author of The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great, talked with Bill Moyer about how FDR’s speech was a rallying cry to build the kind of progressive society that Roosevelt hoped for but did not live to see at war’s end. His most recent book is FDR on Democracy: The Greatest Speeches and Writings of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In his conversation with Bill Moyers, Kaye says the president was able to mobilize Americans who created “the strongest and most prosperous country in human history.” How did they do it? By working toward the Four Freedoms and making America “freer, more equal and more democratic.”

He believes Americans have not forgotten the Four Freedoms as goals, but have “forgotten what it takes to realize them, that we must defend, sustain and secure democracy by enhancing it. That’s what Roosevelt knew. That’s what Jefferson knew. And no one seems to remember that today. That’s what we have to remind people of.”

Source: Fighting for the Four Freedoms | Moyers & Company |

Warren Gerds/Critic at Large: Coronavirus: Three campus, community play projects presented | WFRV

The UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus virtual performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest” and UW-Green Bay’s virtual production of “A Doll’s House, Part 2” were featured as virtual performances for the community to see.

Source: Warren Gerds/Critic at Large: Coronavirus: Three campus, community play projects presented

Emily Miller and Mackenzie Ringer take first place in the UW-Green Bay Liberal Arts Essay Contest

Twenty-five students submitted essays and two students claimed the top prizes and a scholarship for the annual Liberal Arts Scholarship Essay contest. The Selection Committee was composed of Rebecca Abler, Vicki Medland, Chris Williams and Xan Bozzo. The essays will be published in the Sheepshead Review.

The first-year award went to Emily Miller (Psychology/Spanish). The committee had this to say about the essay:

“Miller’s essay was particularly strong to the committee as she was able to weave a broad understanding of the liberal arts, starting with the Yale Report of 1828, into her own personal experiences at UW-Green Bay. Her reflection as a reluctant gen-ed student who learned to appreciate how the liberal arts was enhancing her education and goals was particularly impressive. The quote, “In macroeconomics, I learned psychology; after all, the basis of economics is the human behavior which drives us to make purchases” was one that stood out.”

The second award, presented to a second- through fourth-year student, went to sophomore Mackenzie Ringer (History). The Committee wrote this:

“Ringer’s essay deftly makes the case for a liberal arts education as crucial to preparation of society for fluid, ever-changing circumstances. It analyzes the criticisms of liberal arts education and refutes those criticisms, making the case that while job and career trends can rise and fall, liberal arts provides the fundamental background needed to respond to a dynamic world. She includes the quick response of universities, specifically UW-Green Bay, to the COVID-19 pandemic as an illustrative example of how those with liberal arts values can respond quickly to changes.  Ringer acknowledges the challenges inherent in the rising cost of a college education and makes the case for addressing those in order to continue to provide equitable education for all.”


Congratulations to the 2021 Design and Arts Management Scholarship Recipients

UW-Green Bay Design announces and congratulates this year’s Design Scholarship recipients and all UW-Green Bay students for completing the 2020-21 school year.Scholarship awards were determined and selected by the UW-Green Bay Design faculty or at the Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Marinette campuses based on the student’s portfolio of images submitted to this call using criteria similar to those used to evaluate student work in Design Studio courses: visual communication and marketing that emphasizes creative problem-solving practice, research and two-dimensional design decisions that demonstrate creative and rational typography, image-making, underlying grid layout and information design.

Congratulations to the 2020-21 Design Merit Scholarship Recipients

Craig A. Mueller Scholarships (2 in Design)
Diane Le
Lauren Blumenthal

Edna Walter Damkoehler Endowed Scholarship
Joy St. Pierre

Russell Spears Memorial Scholarship
Briana Vandermaus

Sidney and Ruth Morris Scholarship
Kayla Underhill

Congratulations to the 2020-21 Art Management Merit Scholarship Recipient
The Arts Management Scholarship award was determined and selected by the Design faculty at all four campuses based on Arts Management accomplishments using criteria similar to those used to evaluate student work in UW-Green Bay’s Arts Management courses: those who have demonstrated arts management service leadership qualities, and actively participated in arts management activities on campus and community service.

Craig A. Mueller Scholarship (in Arts Management)
Amanda Shepard



Congratulations to Career Services personnel and others on successful virtual job fair

Career Services partnered with the Green Bay Area Public School (GBAPS) District to offer a virtual job fair for UW-Green Bay students and alumni. Eleven individual video chat rooms were made available for participation on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.  Candidates participated in eight of the rooms assigned by certification area. There were 29 unique students and alumni who participated in a total of 36 scheduled chat sessions with over 20 representatives from GBAPS during a four-hour window of the virtual event. The virtual job fair was led by Career Services staff members Linda Peacock-Landrum and Karla Miller. They received technical support from Nichole LaGrow, Distance Education coordinator and outreach support to alumni from Kari Moody, director of Alumni Relations. This is what one participant had to say:

“With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is influencing the traditional process of career fairs and interviews for Spring 2020 graduates (and possibly for future graduates to come). As a school and clinical mental health Social Work graduate, I found the virtual career fair with the Green Bay Area Public School District to be so influential and needed! To be able to put a face to my submitted applications and meet the future hiring team says a lot! It was a quick and easy process.”

See ViXai Thao, ’16 (Human Development) and ’20 (Master of Social Work)


The COVID-19 Effect on the Wisconsin Nonprofit Sector Report 1 now available

The COVID-19 Effect on the Wisconsin Nonprofit Sector Report 1 for Northeast Wisconsin through a collaboration with UW-Green Bay’s Center for Public Affairs is available with a more detailed report to come.

Several online presentations to review the findings and discuss their implications are available:

May 22 @12pm – Registration Link

May 26 @ 12pm – Registration Link

May 29 @ 12pm – Registration Link

Follow this link to learn more about this year-long project.


Congratulations to this year’s Art Merit Scholarship winners

The UW-Green Bay Art and Design program announces and congratulates this year’s Art Merit Scholarship winners and all students for completing a challenging school year!

Awards this year totaled $22,588. Scholarships are awarded on criteria similar to those used to evaluate student work in studio courses: Formal Quality, Technical Mastery, Conceptual Depth, Integration, Context, Consistency, and Artist’s Statement.


David L. Damkoehler Art Scholarship: Savannah Mikle
Hagemeister Family Art Scholarship: Miranda Moeller, Elyse Lemke, Shaela Romenesko
Teresa M. Halbach Scholarship: Emily Hansen, Tillie Petersen, Raquel Riemer
Anni Kacynski Memorial Scholarship: Kieran Krueger
Michael Kazar Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Blumenthal, Lindsey Beseler
Althea Steele Lederer Scholarship: Kassie Corroy
Craig A. Mueller Scholarship:Renae Geimer, Andrea Cornett, Amanda Shepard
William K. Prevetti Scholarship: Kassie Corroy
Bob and Jan Pum Scholarship: Brittney Meyer

UW-Green Bay alumni pitch virtually to gBETA Northeast Wisconsin

UW-Green Bay alumni and founders Yana DeMyer ’84 (Communication and the Arts) of Roving Blue and Justin Seidl ’12 (Art) of Sequoir both recently pitched virtually to conclude the spring 2020 cohort of gBETA Northeast Wisconsin. gBETA Northeast Wisconsin is a free, seven-week accelerator for early-stage companies with local roots and requires no fees and no equity. gBETA Northeast Wisconsin and is sponsored by the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business, WiSys, and Microsoft.

DeMyer’s Roving Blue® products harness “The Power of EO3™“ (electrolytic ozone). Ozone dissolved in water is more powerful than chlorine, quickly reverts to oxygen, and leaves no chemical residue, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable sanitizing solution for water purification, food and beverage, dental, and agriculture.

Seidl’s Sequoir is a blockchain-built exchange—providing transparency, time-efficient management, and accurate reporting—for buying and selling digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and intellectual property.

See more information on gBETA, Sequoir, Roving Blue, and the other three gBETA Northeast Wisconsin spring 2020 cohort companies – Future State,, and KBD Oil.


UW-Green Bay Humanities announces scholarship awards

UW-Green Bay Humanities announces scholarship awards:

Harold and Edna Bickford Memorial Scholarhip-Elizabeth Wulff
Coryl Crandall Memorial Scholarship-Lydia Downey and Jared Ramirez
Thomas E. Daniels Memorial Scholarship-Savannah Schemenauer
Lise Lotte Gammeltoft Scholarship-Daniel Buckley
Arnold Lelis Scholarship-Makayla Nelson
Eugene Cruz-Uribe Annual Memorial Scholarship for Historical Studies-Preston Fischer
Honorary Recognition – Faith Klick