Prof. Forsythe publishes paper on juvenile northern pike ecology in Green Bay

Prof. Forsythe (NAS) published a paper on juvenile northern pike ecology in Green Bay. A co-author on the paper includes former undergraduate Amy Cottrell (Biology), now a Ph.D. student at Clemson University. Abstract: Production and outmigration of young‐of‐year (YOY) northern pike from natal sites in Lower Green Bay, WI, USA, were documented over three consecutive years (2013–2015). We tested the hypothesis that spawning success and outmigration characteristics of YOY northern pike would vary among natural and anthropogenically modified habitats. Sixteen focal study locations were surveyed, including a restored natural wetland, agricultural drainage ditches, a flooded forested wetland and several unimpounded tributaries. We collected 1469 YOY northern pike with most individuals (N = 1163) originating from a flooded forested wetland on the east shore. Most sites produced YOY in all years (range N = 2–1145 individuals among study years). Outmigration ranged between 1 and 40 days during 2013–2015. Greater production and extended outmigration times occurred at most sites in 2014 (range 17–40 days) when the region experienced a late spring with heavy precipitation. In contrast, the lowest production and shortest outmigration period occurred at most sites in 2015 (range 14–23 days) when environmental conditions reflected regional averages. Outmigration began nearly 3 weeks earlier in 2015 (5/8) than in other study years (8 June 2013 and 25 May 2014). Total length (TL) of outmigrating northern pike ranged between 17 and 138 mm. Total length of YOY was significantly different among sites in 2013 and 2014, with the smallest fish (17 mm TL) outmigrating from agricultural ditches in both years. There were no significant variations in size among sites in 2015 (range 21–95 mm TL). Our results indicate significant variation in YOY northern pike outmigration characteristics within Lower Green Bay that may reflect the interplay between adult spawning site selection and annual weather patterns. Our findings highlight the importance of quantifying overlooked habitats in regions of mixed development.

Chief Jones to be honored as speaker of Sheboygan Memorial Day Celebration

UW-Green Bay Chief of Police David Jones is the program keynote speaker for Sheboygan’s 2021 Memorial Day Celebration. Jones oversees all police operations and emergency management for the University and its four campuses (Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette and Sheboygan).

Jones is a retired special agent with the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) who served in multiple leadership capacities to include Special Agent In Charge (SAIC), European Anti-Terrorism Specialty Team (E-AST) Superintendent, 4th Field Investigative Squadron Superintendent and USAF Special Investigations Academy (Det 1) Superintendent.

The parade is downtown Sheboygan, Monday, May 31 starting at 9 a.m., concludes around 9:45 a.m. with the program beginning at 10 a.m. Jones will speak about:

  • What it is like to be in a retired veteran living in Wisconsin
  • Lessons learned while in active duty and how those lessons shaped today’s life
  • How to help/mentor/support other veterans
  •  The importance of service (in general or military specific)


Prof. Bansal is organizing and moderating a CIO industry panel

Prof. Gaurav Bansal (Cofrin School of Business) is organizing and moderating a Chief Information Officer (CIO)/ Industry panel as part of the 16th Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference hosted by Bradley University, Ill., with Green Bay and national IT/industry leaders. The panel is co-sponsored by Don Heath from UW Oshkosh and Shana Ponelis from UW-Milwaukee.

The cross-industry panel brings together leaders from different backgrounds and industries. The panel will share ideas to put together a set of recommendations to the US President to thrive in the age of digital disruption and transformation caused by the ponderance of emerging technologies such as AI, particularly in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The panel will meet virtually on May 20, 2021 from 2 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. CST.


Panelists are:

Jon Biskner, CIO, Nicolet Bank, Green Bay (Fintech, Finance and Banking)

Troy Schiesl, CIO, Bellin Health, Green Bay (Health care IT)

Sarah Alt – President, Triple Ten Consulting, WI (Ethics and AI)


Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon Corporation, Michigan (Raman is listed in Global Top 100 CIOs and also a featured author for Forbes Magazine) (self-driving cars)

Mukul Sharma, IT Leader, Google Business Unit, Tata Consultancy Services, Chicago (Cloud computing)



Prof. Nesvet co-leads workshop on Collaborative Online Virtual Educator (COVE)

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Prof. Rebecca Nesvet (English) co-taught, with Profs. Dino Franco Felluga (Purdue University) and Lorraine Jantzen Kooistra (Ryerson University) a workshop on edition-building with the Collaborative Online Virtual Educator (COVE) collective’s web-based suite of editing tools. There were approximately 50 participants; mostly higher education instructors and graduate students from around the US and Canada, with a few from the UK and Europe. Watch the video.

Assoc. Prof. Coen presents refugee policy research

UW-Green Bay Associate Professor Alise Coen (Political Science, Public & Environmental Affairs) presented her research on U.S. refugee policy to the Western Political Science Association last week. Her paper, “Terrorist Infiltrators, Gendered Threat, and the Specter of 9/11: U.S. Retreats from Refugee Responsibility-Sharing” was delivered as part of a virtual panel on Immigration Policy at the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) conference on Friday, April 2. More information about the conference is available on this WPSA website.

Faculty note: Prof. Yadav’s presents at Bennett University, India

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Dinesh Yadav (Theatre and Dance) was the invited guest speaker on March 20, 2021 for a talk on “Theatre as an Art Form for Creating Awareness” at Bennett University, India. Professor Yadav’s talk was organized online by the Legal Aid Committee of the School of Law and was attended by students and faculties of the Bennett University. Bennett University is one of the leading private universities in India and is part of the Times of India Group.

Faculty note: Professor Bansal invited to present his research

Professor Gaurav Bansal (Business and MIS/Statistics) is invited by the Kansas University Center for Business Analytics Research to present his current research on Privacy Concerns Revisited: Surveillance and Right-to-Be-Forgotten as New Dimensions. He will be delivering his presentation virtually via zoom on April 30, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. Prof. Bansal considers this as his teaching dividend, as the invitation has been extended to him by his past undergraduate UW-Green Bay student, Lijun Chen. Chen is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in analytics, information, and operations management at the Kansas University. Lijun, while at UW-Green Bay, worked with him on two different research projects and presented them at Midwest Association for Information Systems conferences in the years 2011 and 2012. Her research with Prof. Bansal won the best paper award at Midwest AIS Conference, hosted by the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2011. She was also invited to present her research at the Posters in the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda event the same year.

See more information at this presentation schedule.