Video: Chancellor Alexander congratulates and challenges honors graduates

Usually there would be a gathering to celebrate honors students. This year, Chancellor Mike Alexander has a special video message for honors graduates.

“Hi, my name is Mike Alexander and I have the honor and privilege of being the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I’m very glad to be able to greet you today, and it’s still important that we take a moment to celebrate what you’ve achieved, so I will talk just for a few minutes about what I feel is important about being an honor student.

One, it shows that you’ve been able to work really hard through your college career. You’ve been able to persevere through challenges. You’ve been able to understand the importance of what an education means for your future and you’ve put yourself in a position now to be able to use it hopefully to benefit all around you.

And that last point, I think, is the most important thing I could talk about. That graduating with honors from a university means that you have an increased responsibility to do good in the world. It’s vital that those that are that are the most prepared, that have worked the hardest, that have the skills needed to be able to move our community and our region and our world forward, use them to be able to make our community a better place.

So I want to thank you for choosing UW-Green Bay for your education. It means a lot to us to have so many bright and talented students that come to our University. You’ve achieved a lot to be in the very top percentage of all of our graduates this year and that should not be taken lightly. I encourage you to remember, as you go throughout your career, the responsibility that you carry as a UW-Green Bay graduate to follow in the footsteps of the thousands who come before you who are doing great things in the world.

So thank you again, congratulations on your achievement, please keep in touch with us at the University and let us know the good things that are happening to you, the challenges that you face and we hope that we can always be resource for you throughout your career. Best of luck and thank you again.”

Hope to see many of you on August 22 for Commencement!

Photo of the back of a student's graduation cap as students watch other graduates receive their diploma at the UW-Green Bay Commencement ceremony.

Video: Not goodbye, but thank you…

Today (May, 16, 2020) was meant to be a grand celebration of UW-Green Bay graduates and their families at the Kress Events Center. Instead, we want all of you to know we are thinking about you, especially our graduating seniors. Congratulations to all of you who made it through this difficult time. We can’t wait to celebrate with you at the commencement ceremony on Saturday, August 22, 2020. And don’t forget to bring a pair of shoes to toss in the tree!

Video by Sue Pischke, Marketing and University Communication

Video transcript

Not goodbye, but thank you.

It goes without saying
we miss seeing students, faculty and staff on campus.
But this message is specifically for our graduating seniors
And what you’re missing right now—
Buying graduation gowns,
Decorating caps,
Planning parties
Hanging out with friends
Attending a last in-person class
Thanking professors
Getting ready to move on
Saying goodbye to friends—
Even saying “see you later” to the turkeys and geese.

But despite it all—
You will rise again.
And take your place
In the proud tradition
Of resilient problem-solvers
Fearless dreamers
Fun-seekers and forward-looking achievers

We hope to see you at commencement in August,
and don’t forget to bring a pair of shoes to toss in the tree!
And know in your hearts, even as you go forward
finding success in the years to come

You will always be the class of 2020
That made history even when we couldn’t be together.
You are leaving an enduring legacy
rising above all the challenges.
In the true spirit of the Phoenix.

Thank you.


Title Graphic with a phoenix and the words, "UW-Green Bay Spring 2020 Senior Reflections

Video: UW-Green Bay spring 2020 seniors express their gratitude

UW-Green Bay Spring 2020 seniors reflect on their favorite memories and challenges and share their personal gratitude. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, UW-Green Bay rescheduled the 2020 Spring Commencement ceremony to Saturday, August 22, 2020. Let’s celebrate these seniors—this week and in August!

Video Transcript:

I am so proud to be a UW-Green Bay graduate. I have grown so much here as a leader and as a person. And I have made so many friends. And my professors know me by name. I am so proud to be a leader and I’m so proud to be a Phoenix. There are so many people I work with and who have taught me in my four years and it’s been amazing. And I’m so grateful for the time, wisdom, energy, patience—literally everything that they have poured into me. And I’m a much better, much more confident person because of them.

I’m really proud of myself for being a graduate, because odds were stacked against me. I’m a first-generation college student. I’m Puerto Rican. My parental figures were incarcerated. Addiction runs rampant in my family. I wasn’t just a number when I came here. I was a person they saw potential and they helped me to reach my full potential they helped me to do so much more than I ever thought that I would be able to do. What makes me most proud to be a UW-Green Bay graduate is just knowing the amount of opportunities that students have to get involved in the community and to get involved on the campus.

I’m proud to be an alumna of the University that gives it students incredible opportunities to be successful in their college career and in the future the thing I’m going to miss most about campus life is I’m going to miss seeing my friends every single day even on weekends when we were still able to hang out. Campus has a wonderful community feeling to it and that’s going to be something really hard to say goodbye to. Most of all I’m grateful that UWGB became so much more than just a place to go to school it became my home and it gave me a second family.

I definitely think that dealing with the COVID-19 challenges did make me stronger and more resilient because it really forced me to be a self-starter and self-motivated and to reach out to my professors if I didn’t understand something… or to really be a leader and take ownership of my academics.

It was a hard time for the class of 2020, who else can say they graduated in a pandemic and made it through! Plus, I ended up with some pretty good grades so I’m pretty proud of myself!

The thing that I’m going to miss most about campus is my professors. They are definitely a very good reason on why I have succeeded in the way that I have these past couple of years. The generosity and support that they have constantly shown me… it’s just absolutely astounding so I just definitely wanted to thank them. They are a very big reason why I got to where I am today.

I couldn’t ask for a better college experience. I’m so so proud of myself for what I’ve done and I’m so thankful to GB for helping me get there. I’m really proud to be a Phoenix and I’m really happy that we’re graduating and that we made it through, so go Phoenix! Happy graduation class of 2020! We did it and I’m really happy that I got to graduate with all of you and that I got to graduate from UWGB because it’s an experience that I’ll never forget and there aren’t enough words to say how grateful I am and how amazing college was at Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay, I love you and I’m really going to miss you. Go Phoenix.


Sheboygan Campus will have a Virtual Award Ceremony, Saturday, May 16

Congrats Sheboygan Campus grads. You did it! Another semester of college is under your belt, and it is time to CELEBRATE! At 2 p.m., the Virtual Award Ceremony presentation will be posted to the UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Facebook page. Pat yourself on the back and take some time to acknowledge this year’s award winners and the Sheboygan Campus class of 2020.

Video: Career Services offers advice for job seekers

UW-Green Bay Director of Career Services Linda Peacock-Landrum, advises new graduates and job seekers to use this current COVID-19 experience to their advantage when applying for jobs.

Hello, May graduates. My name is Linda Peacock-Landrum and I’m director of Career Services at UW-Green Bay.

I wanted to take a few moments to really talk with you about your life after graduation and what might be in store for you as a new professional. Trust me when I understand that this is a difficult time this pandemic has impacted the job market in ways that we’re not going to understand for many months in the foreseeable future. But what’s critical for you to understand is that UW-Green Bay and Career Services are here to support you and assist you for the months ahead your Handshake account will remain active. If you’ve not utilized Handshake please take time to login and learn how this tool can assist you. It is a way for you to complete a profile upload a resume and search for jobs online you also can access a vast number of videos recorded workshops and other resources made available by Career Services.

Another thing that I want you to think about too, is focusing on strengthening connections. You can do this easily by utilizing LinkedIn. If you’ve not created a profile, take the time to do that today. LinkedIn is a way that you can network with professionals and connect with organizations to learn about things that will help you in your job search in the months ahead. Once you’ve had a chance to do that, take some time thank those professionals and make certain that you make a timeline to follow-up with them sometime in the future.

Secondly, I want you to reflect a moment about what this pandemic has really done for you and how it has impacted your skills. How have your technology skills changed? Have they gotten better? How have they become enhanced? Think about the transition to online course delivery changes. You can speak to employers about how you’ve become flexible and adaptable. Trust me, your peers have shared stories with me and your stories and their stories are going to help employers to value the commitment, the dedication and the work ethic that you can bring to them into their workplace.

Try to focus on what’s positive in this new normal. I know that might not be easy, but that may help you in the long run.

Thirdly, I want you to think about opportunities that you wouldn’t have been open to before. I know that you may have had a dream to be able to be living somewhere and doing something but that might not be possible at this particular moment, but be open to opportunities. What does that mean? Look at organizations that are in certain industries or organizations that offer the types of opportunities that can help you get your foot in the door for the future. It might mean that you take a short term or temporary assignment. Those are perfectly okay and acceptable but really think about opportunities that might add to your experience base could also add to your skillset or in some cases may allow you to enhance something that needed to have further development.

Lastly, I want you to think about your academic courses and your projects. Likely many of you had good work experience, internships and research opportunities. But also think about your coursework and your projects. What are the things that you can bring from those experiences? Document those on your resume. The best resume for any opportunity is going to be tailored for that unique position that you’re looking for. Think about in detail, how you can adapt to a changing work environment and what critical unique value you can bring to an organization.

I want to circle back to where I started, which is that UW-Green Bay Career Services is here to support you and offer any assistance that we can. We will be available through the summer for appointments by phone and virtual platforms. We can assist you with exploring options and understanding how to apply for jobs, search strategies, reviewing your resume, talking about interviews. But what is critical is understanding that we’re here to help you. Please reach out. Trust us, we’re here to help you and we want you to succeed once you’ve graduated from UW-Green Bay. Remember this is your time to rise as a Phoenix and offer your unique talents to an organization.

Congratulations Class of May 2020! We look forward to celebrating in person with you in August.

August 22, 2020 Commencement information for faculty/staff

The 2020 University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Spring/Summer Commencement ceremony is rescheduled for Saturday, August 22, at 11:30 a.m. in the Kress Events Center. You are cordially invited to attend.

Please note the following if you plan to participate:

  • Academic Program Chairs and Master’s Candidates Major Professors:
    • All academic program chairs are expected to attend. If you are unable, you must identify a substitute to represent your program.
      • Even if you believe there aren’t graduating students in your program, we are asking you sign up or find a representative. The new graduating student sign-up deadline is in July, so you will be notified if no graduating students in your program are participating.
    • All master’s candidates’ major professors are expected to attend.
    • Please complete the Program Chair & Hooder Sign-Up form (or ask your representative to do so) by Wednesday, May 13, 2020.
    • Academic attire is required. For gown rental information, please see below.
    • Questions about Graduate Studies? Please contact Pang Yang:
    • Please note that your role in the ceremony may change due to COVID-19 prevention efforts.
  • Faculty and Staff Who Wish to Process in the Ceremony:
    • All general faculty and staff (not program chairs or master’s candidate professors) are invited to process in the ceremony.
    • Please complete the Faculty / Staff Processional Sign-Up form by Friday, July 31, 2020.
    • Academic attire is required. For gown rental information, please see below.
    • Please note that participation may be limited due to COVID-19 prevention efforts.
  • Faculty and Staff Who Wish to Attend, but Not Process:
    • Please note that ticket numbers may be limited due to COVID-19 prevention efforts. We will prioritize grads first, followed by their family members / supporters. We will provide an update on faculty/staff ticket availability following the July grad sign-up deadline.
  • Faculty and Staff Who Wish to Volunteer:
    • Help ensure that this important event is a positive and memorable experience for our students and families! Individuals are needed for approximately 3-4 hours, with ranges from 9:00am until 2:00pm.
    • A link to sign up will be shared in the coming weeks.

Faculty and Staff Gown Rental Information


If you plan to participate in the Ceremony, but do not own academic apparel, Commencement apparel rentals are now available (at your own expense) through The Phoenix Bookstore:

  • Online by completing this form through July 12, 2020.
  • Apparel rentals will be available for pickup and payment after August 18, 2020. An e-mail will be sent when your items have arrived at The Phoenix Bookstore. Please verify that you have the correct apparel, including the tassel, before leaving the bookstore.
  • If you have any questions, please contact The Phoenix Bookstore Manager Monica Wittrock at / (920) 391-6600 x 0.

Additional details will be sent in July.

If you have any questions about the Commencement Ceremony, please contact Megan DuFrane-Groose by emailing, or visit the Commencement website at

If you have questions about student degree requirements, academic honors, or other student academic records, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Virtual Grad Bash for 2020 Grads, including fun props

In an effort to inform the campus about opportunities available for our graduating students, the Office of Student Life shares information about Virtual Grad Bash. The Spring/Summer 2020 graduates at all Green Bay campuses can visit the Virtual Grad Bash site to find helpful campus and community resources, participate in a photo contest with GB Grad 2020 photo props, send Thank You eCards, and more!

UW-Green Bay reschedules Spring 2020 Commencement Ceremony for Saturday, August 22

Green Bay, Wis.—The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay announced today that it will hold its Spring 2020 Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, August 22, 2020. The in-person event will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Kress Events Center.

“We miss having our students on campus and look forward to reuniting with them for this special and joyous occasion, at a time when we hope it will once again be safe to gather and do so,” said Interim Chancellor Sheryl Van Gruensven. “The Phoenix spirit is one of resiliency, fearlessness and support. As we honor these graduates, we will also honor the spirit of these new leaders who are critical to helping us recover and finding our way back as a community and world.”

The University’s 101st Commencement ceremony, originally slated for May 16, was postponed last month as a part of ongoing efforts to keep students, faculty, and staff safe as the University took action to do its part to contain community spread of the coronavirus.

Graduates, faculty and staff will be contacted in the next few weeks with additional details and information on ceremony sign-up, tickets, caps and gowns and more.

Van Gruensven acknowledged that as with any commencement ceremony, some students earning their degrees will be unable to participate in the ceremony in person. “This day belongs to every member of the Class of 2020. We encourage those not able to be physically present to join their class via livestream,” she said. “Commencement is a day that is long-waited, justly earned and richly savored by students, families, faculty and staff. In light of all we have collectively endured this spring, we will certainly savor it even more, and we want as many graduates and families as possible to be a part of this celebration.”

About the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is a comprehensive public institution offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to more than 8,700 students with campus locations in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan. Established in 1965 on the border of Green Bay, the University and its campuses are centers of cultural enrichment, innovation and learning. The Green Bay campus is home to one of the Midwest’s most prolific performing arts centers, a nationally recognized 4,000-seat student recreation center, D-I athletics, an award-winning nine-hole golf course and a five-mile recreational trail and arboretum, which is free and open to the public. This four-campus University transforms lives and communities through student-focused teaching and research, innovative learning opportunities, powerful connections and a problem-solving approach to education. UW-Green Bay’s main campus is centrally located, close to both the Door County resort area and the dynamic economies of Northeast Wisconsin, the Fox Valley region and the I-43 corridor. UW-Green Bay offers in-demand programs in science, engineering and technology; business; health, education and social welfare; and arts, humanities and social sciences. For more information, visit



Video Message to grads from Chancellor

Interim Chancellor Sheryl Van Gruensven shares a message with May grads thanking them for their passion about Commencement and reassuring that while the May 16, 2020 ceremony is cancelled, graduates will still have other opportunities to celebrate—a postponed ceremony, walking in other ceremonies an alternative format or possibly a combo of all three! Watch the video. 

Video transcript:

“Hello, UW-Green Bay Class of 2020. I’m Interim Chancellor Sheryl Van Gruensven.

We love your passion and desire to celebrate your UW-Green Bay experience with a commencement ceremony.

We share that passion. When we talk about reimagining, please know that all options are being considered. That includes rescheduling the event, inviting the Class of 2020 to walk in a future ceremony, holding the event in an alternative format—or quite possibly a combination of all of these.

Please be patient with us. After we weather this storm, we will announce a new plan. You’ll be the first to know when we’ve got one.

Take care, continue to stay safe, and healthy, finish your studies and stay passionate”