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Faculty note: Prof. Fogaca publication

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Jana Fogaca (Psychology) has published a manuscript in the renowned Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. The manuscript titled “Combining Mental Health and Performance Interventions: Coping and Social Support for Student-Athletes” describes the intervention she developed to improve student-athletes performance and wellbeing, which helped decrease their anxiety and improve their coping skills. […]

Faculty note: Prof. Fogaca publication

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Jana Fogaca (Psychology) had a manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. The manuscript is titled ‘The Journey of Service Delivery Competence in Applied Sport Psychology: The Arc of Development for New Professionals” and explores the developmental characteristics of sport psychology trainees from various graduate programs. You […]

When Things Go Wrong, Don’t Catastrophize | Wisconsin Public Radio with Ryan Martin

“When you forget your umbrella, stain your shirt, or miss an appointment, it’s easy to think that your whole day is ruined. We talk with an expert on anger about how to stop blowing things out of proportion, also known as ‘catastrophizing.’” Associate Dean Ryan Martin talks with WPR about the subject via When Things […]

Psychology team heads to national conference this week

UW-Green Bay Psychology will be well-represented at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference this week. Four faculty members will be presenting their research on a wide array of topics. They include: -Assistant Prof. Alan Chu: Effects of Sex and Competition Level on Perceived Motivational Factors in High School Athletes -Assistant Prof. Jana Fogaca: Combined Psychological […]

Faculty note: Prof. Chu receives certification

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Alan Chu (Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology), received the CMPC®(Certified Mental Performance Consultant) credential (July 2019). The certification requires competency across five components: -A sport psychology graduate degree -Coursework in eight sport psychology knowledge areas -400 hours of mentored experience -Ethics -Exam Chu is the second person in Northeast Wisconsin to […]

Associate Dean Ryan Martin writes about ‘Catastrophizing’ | Psychology Today

“Have you ever been disappointed by something—maybe even something relatively minor—and said to yourself ‘Great, now the entire day is ruined’? If you have, and most people have, you were likely catastrophizing. It’s one of the five primary types of thoughts related to anger, and I’m going to cover each of these five thought types […]

Campus mourns loss of distinguished alumnus, Judge Patrick Madden

He was the first editor of UW-Green Bay’s longstanding campus newspaper, The Fourth Estate, and he was named one of the University’s most distinguished alumni in 1990. Campus learned of the passing of Judge Patrick Madden (’71, Modernization Processes) last week. More on Madden in the UW-Green Bay book, “From the Beginning.” According to the […]