UW-Green Bay Dietetics students, once again, receive internship matches far above national average

The dietetic internship (DI) match results for December 2018 and May 2019 graduates are in, and UW-Green Bay students are once again far above the national average. The DI is the necessary next step for graduating seniors to fulfill 1,200 required practicum hours and gain the skills necessary to take the registered dietitian examination. Competition for dietetic internships is fierce, with only 50% to 60% of national applicants receiving a match each year.

This year 12 of 15 senior applicants earned a match, with many students matched to their first choice program. Over the last five years, there has been a 89 percent average when it comes to students matching. The success is a testament to the dedication of the students, the high quality mentoring and advising provided by faculty, the quality and rigor of the Nutrition and Human Biology Programs and the high impact practices that students receive through  community collaborations.

Please congratulate the following UW-Green Bay Nutritional Sciences students as they prepare to begin their dietetic internships:

  • Kelley Encinas – Mount Mary, Milwaukee
  • Lacey Strehlow – Dominican University, Chicago (combined internship and MBA program)
  • Megan Labine – Priority Nutrition Care, Boston (distance track)
  • Caitlin Balliet – St. Cloud Hospital, St. Cloud
  • Emily Burger – UW-Green Bay
  • Rachel Coady – UW-Green Bay
  • Samantha Inman – UW-Green Bay
  • Stephanie Peterson – UW-Green Bay Pre-Select Program
  • Abby Waydick – UW-Green Bay Pre-Select Program
  • Morgan Thums – UW-Green Bay Pre-Select Program
  • Erin Diederich – UW-Green Bay Pre-Select Program
  • Kiara Heider – UW-Green Bay Pre-Select Program

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