UW-Green Bay CIO Wendy Woodward outlines this fall’s IT refresh

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay this week announced it’s updating its IT operations this fall — including changing department names, tweaking the technology division’s structure and training workers on new terminology. The adjustments are intended to provide a common language across IT and drive the campus’s digital transformation plan, Chief Information Officer Wendy Woodward told EdScoop.UW-Green Bay’s 35 full-time and 25 part-time IT workers will train on the IT Infrastructure Library, or ITIL. The framework for IT services and glossary of terms will help unify operations and make better use of resources, Woodward said. In addition to providing a common language for IT workers, ITIL outlines guidance for processes such as purchasing new technology, she said.

“If someone comes to me and says, ‘I want to buy a piece of software,’ my first question is going to be, ‘What is the problem are you trying to solve?’” Woodward said. “Don’t tell me the solution you already have, but what is the problem you’re trying to solve, because we need to first look across our current tool set and say, ‘Do we already have something?’ Because times right now in higher education, you know, money is not flowing super freely. We have to be fiscally responsible.”

Source: UW-Green Bay CIO outlines this fall’s IT refresh

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