KOMERICAN, featuring Korean-in-Wisconsin artists, features Minkyu Lee

What does it mean to be a Korean-in-Wisconsin—a Komerican—artist today? KOMERICAN brings together ten very different artists: Yeohyun Ahn, Yeonhee Cheong, Kyoung Ae Cho, Okja Kwon, Emma Daisy Hyun Ah Gertel, Mokwon Subsoo Lim, JinMan Jo, (UW-Green Bay Prof. ) Minkyu Lee, Jason S. Yi, and Rina Yoon. They work across a wide range of media, both collectively—computational graphic art, printmaking, painting, drawing, fiber, sculpture—and in their individual practices. Their creative research is informed, in varying degrees, by materials, ideas, and processes.

KOMERICAN opened at the Lynden Sculpture Garden on Oct. 2, 2021. The exhibition remains on view through Dec. 22, 2021. Gallery hours are daily 10 am-5 pm (closed Thursdays); admission is free. Building capacity is currently limited to ten people at a time and masks are required.

…For artists JinMan Jo and Minkyu Lee, displacement has fueled a desire to address the human experience in universal terms. “Living within American culture,” Lee writes, “inspires me to explore the universal nature and structure of human beings.”

Source: KOMERICAN, featuring Korean-in-Wisconsin artists, opens at the Lynden Sculpture Garden

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