Join the fun! Office Decorating Contest welcomes new freshmen to FOCUS

Monday, Aug. 30 through Wednesday, Sept. 1 are the dates for FOCUS Orientation 2010, UW-Green Bay’s opportunity to welcome students to campus. In an effort to let first-year students know how excited we are to have them on campus (and to acclimate them to resources and offices on campus), the FOCUS folks are inviting you to participate in the “Orientation 2010 Office Decorating Contest,” details as follows:

•  What — Decorate the exterior of your office welcoming students to campus, using the 2010 Orientation theme: “Welcome to the Red Carpet.”

• When — You may begin decorating on Friday, Aug. 20 and must have your decorations complete by Friday, Aug. 27. First-year students will judge the offices on Aug. 30 and 31, and the winner will be announced at the Orientation Variety Show on Wednesday evening, Sept. 1.

Where — Your office exterior. Feel free to be creative.

How — Please register by e-mailing your interest to

The new freshmen will have a chance to participate in Red Carpet/Hollywood-themed events throughout the week. A full schedule can be found at

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