Record ACT scores for fall 2010 new freshmen

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will begin the 2010-11 academic year with a freshman class that scored highest in school history on college entrance exams.

Preliminary data reveal the new freshmen are arriving with a record ACT composite of 22.9, a half-point increase from last fall. Scores in English, math and science are at all-time highs, as well. The average high school grade point of 3.32 is up from 3.25 in 2009.

UW-Green Bay’s fall semester classes begin Thursday, Sept. 2. The University projects total enrollment to remain steady at approximately 6,500, with newly admitted freshmen accounting for about 900 of those students.

Admissions Director Pam Harvey-Jacobs says the school didn’t set out to manage its 2010 admissions solely with ACT and GPA in mind.

“The test scores and grades play a part, but there are many other factors,” she said. “We started the processing cycle intending to be very deliberate about admitting with retention in mind, about admitting students who seem to be a good fit with UW-Green Bay.”

Officials were mindful, however, of the advisability of admitting a smaller class after last fall’s record-breaking cohort of 1,041. The numbers spiked when UW-Green Bay, in response to the sudden economic downturn, stretched to accommodate a surge in local freshmen who made late decisions to stay close to home.

By planning this year for fewer new freshmen but small increases in transfer, non-resident and international admissions, the University succeeds in re-balancing its distribution of students, Harvey-Jacobs explained. That helps in meeting tuition-revenue targets, in scheduling proper course offerings, and in avoiding over-enrollment in an era of tight resources.

A final census of all enrolled students will not be made official until the week of Sept. 13.

Please note: UW-Green Bay continues to accept applications for freshman admission as the Sept. 2 opening of fall semester 2010 draws near.

Admissions Director Pam Harvey-Jacobs says academically qualified new freshmen (guidelines are posted at will have their applications evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, late applicants who would enrich the campus community through special abilities, potential or other factors will also merit strong consideration.


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