Video: See more about UW-Green Bay’s Mechanical Engineering Labs

Dan Mendrala shares highlights of his hands-on learning experience in the Mechanical Engineering labs at UW-Green Bay, where professors interact and help students learn. In the Spring of 2022, Dan received his Mechanical Engineering diploma and started his engineering career in Wisconsin.

Transcript: The thing I enjoy most about the Mechanical Engineering program at UWGB is the level of interaction that students are able to have with their professors. My favorite lab experience was in Mechanics of Materials. At one point we took a piece of steel and twisted it until it snapped and we were really surprised to see that we were able to turn it all the way around six times before it actually snapped. I enjoyed the hands-on experience of the Mechatronics Lab, specifically because it incorporated a lot of other knowledge from other courses, things like materials, computer programming, machine component design and motion control, aspects that are important to automation. The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay has set me up with the tools that I need to be able to market and apply the knowledge that I’ve learned here.

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