Video: See more about the Study Abroad in Spain program

Grace Stubb graduated with a Nursing major and Spanish minor at UW-Green Bay. Grace studied Spanish in Spain to be able to communicate with patients in their primary language. She landed her dream job and is now a neonatal intensive care unit nurse at St. Vincent Children’s Hospital in Green Bay.

Transcript: UW-Green Bay gave me the opportunity to Study Abroad in Spain during the summer between my junior and senior year. I chose UW-Green Bay because I was able to do that coupled with my nursing major and that was really important to me. We took classes at the University of Alicante and I was able to really further my education while being immersed in that culture which I think is so important. I did a home stay, so I stayed with a family who spoke zero english which was difficult at first but by the end of my trip, I was able. We sat down and had a conversation and I left after she like walked out the room. I was like, I just had an entire like a conversation I’d have in English with a Spanish speaker and she understood me and I understood her and it was huge. Like that’s awesome. Having that Spanish-speaking ability is going to help me in my career because I’m going to be able to communicate with patients without the use of a translator and it’s going to be more that intimate patient care that I every nurse strives for, so I’m really excited.

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