Faculty note: Prof. Hossain keynote speaker at Power and Energy Society celebration

Resch School of Engineering Associate Prof. Maruf Hossain was the keynote speaker to celebrate the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society (PES) Day organized by several institutes, including the IEEE PES Bangladesh Section.

Every year IEEE celebrates the IEEE PES Day worldwide, and this year’s theme is “Clean Energy Revolution”. The title of Prof. Hossain’s talk was “Wind Energy Conversion Systems and Future Research Opportunities.” Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the session was virtual. However, the organizers observed enthusiastic engagements among the participants during this session.

Student engineering chapter receives ‘significant improvement’ letter

Congratulations to UW-Green Bay’s American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter on being presented the 2021 Letter of Significant Improvement. Faculty advisor Mike Holly received the recognition dated March 26, 2021.

“It is my pleasure to inform you the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay ASCE Student Chapter has been awarded this 2021 Letter of Significant Improvement. Your Chapter was recommended for this award by the Committee on Student Members based on activities recorded in the 2020 annual report.

Your Chapter has shown considerable advancement in its activities from the previous year. The Chapter’s accomplishments reflect the enthusiasm and hard work of your student officers and members, as well as your fine guidance as faculty advisor. You, the practitioner advisors, and every individual who had a part in this endeavor should be justifiably proud of his or her contribution to the development of the future of civil engineering.”

LAB Midwest features engineering labs in Brown County STEM Innovation Center

LAB Midwest, the company that worked closely with UW-Green Bay in setting up the labs in the Brown County STEM Innovation Center on the Green Bay Campus features the new engineering labs on its website. “A $1.5 million investment brought in nearly 100 new pieces of mechanical engineering equipment. The idea is to give students a way to put all their theoretical classroom knowledge to practice.”

‘Virtual Field Trip’ gives Green Bay high schoolers the chance to explore college options | WFRV

“Actual face-to-face tours haven’t necessarily been possible for large groups of students,” Vice President of College Advancement Dr. Aliesha Crowe explained, “we’re in the tech hall where we actually have students in the lab.”

UW-Green Bay also participated in the day’s virtual tours.

Source: “Virtual Field Trip” gives Green Bay high schoolers the chance to explore college options | WFRV

Erin Weimann

An Engineer Breaking the Mold

Sometimes you have to first take a well-worn path before embarking on the road less traveled.

For Erin Weimann, that path was a career in education. “My original interest was in teaching math.” So she began with a semester in Cardinal Stritch (in Milwaukee) and another semester in Lakeland. And came to a realization. “Then I realized I really didn’t want to teach math. So I decided to take some time and see what I really want to do.”

Erin Weimann
Erin Weimann

That “time” stretched to eight years. But she was neither wandering or lost. Weimann was hired at an international manufacturer of automotive components, with a factory in Sheboygan. What started out as “just a job” evolved into “maybe a career” in mechanical engineering. “I got promoted really quick to an assistant supervisor and moved up the ladder to an engineering specialist role.”

And it was a role that not a lot of women aspired. Even as she progressed in the company, Weimann had to constantly prove her worth to her peers. “The guy who was training me, I passed him up pretty quick. He ended up being told he could learn a lot from me.”

Weimann started working more with maintenance and engineering. And discovered she not only had a talent but a passion for engineering. But this was a career that demanded credentials to progress—specifically a bachelor’s degree. “There was one engineer I was working with and he had earned his degree as an adult. So I decided this is what I want to do.”

At that time, in 2018,  the mechanical engineering program at the UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus, was a collaborative degree with Platteville. She had meetings with an advisor and developed a plan of action based on what classes were offered when and where. Not easy, but doable.

But it was the merger of UW-Green Bay and the Sheboygan Campus that really made the program more viable.

“I could just stay in Sheboygan and that was extremely exciting for me. The fact that it’s all local and I don’t have to drive down to Platteville is awesome.”

Plus no need to prove herself all over again. “My advisors and professors have been super supportive. They’ve worked with me if I wasn’t able to attend a class I was able to work on my own.”

While designing is one of the main attractions to pursuing a mechanical engineer degree. Weimann’s approach has always been more hands-on. “More like let’s design it, build it and test it. Let’s do everything.”

Add to that Weimann’s “everything” also includes as raising a young daughter and working full time as a Supplier Engineer at Vollrath—a commercial food-service equipment fabricator with a 150-year history in Sheboygan—all while earning her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

“My hope is, because I go very part-time, to graduate by 2024.” Her plan continues— now designed, built and tested.

Wisconsin Aluminum Founder Ceo Sachin Shivaran Follows An Unconventional Path

To help enhance its talent attraction efforts in the longer term, WAF recently donated $100,000 to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to create the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Engineering Scholarship fund through the UW-Green Bay Foundation. The Schwartz family, who has owned and operated the company since its founding in 1909, supported the endeavor. The scholarship is available to graduates of any Manitowoc County high school.

Source: Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry CEO Sachin Shivaram Follows An Unconventional Path, Insight

Faculty note: Prof. Hossain publication

Resch School of Engineering Associate Professor Maruf Hossain (Resch School fo Engineering) has co-authored a paper entitled “Fast Estimation of Phase Angle for Three-Phase Voltage Systems under Distorted Conditions,” which has been accepted for publication in the reputed Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics. This is an international collaborative work with other three professors from Bangladesh, Denmark and USA.


Faculty note: Prof. Mahfuz and students publish research

Richard J. Resch School of Engineering students Rick Todd Kaske Jr. and Brady Connaher, both Electrical Engineering Technology majors, jointly with Associate Prof. Mohammad Upal Mahfuz, recently authored a scholarly article entitled, “Smart Greenhouse Project: A Sustainability-focused Learning Experience for Undergraduates,” at the second EAI International Conference on Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities (EAI SESC 2020), Dec. 3, 2020. Details on the article and its abstract can be found at this website (check for session 1.2, 11:00 – 12:30).

Or, see more details on the conference.