Sheboygan Campus Students organize care packets for deployed students

As part of the Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) course, students are required to organize a service-related project. Grace Hasenstein, Caleb Gauthier, Nic Marshall (pictured) and Alexia Smith (pictured) worked with campus and community partners to assemble care packages to be sent to our service men and women deployed overseas. This week, U.S. Army SFC Nathan Preder, U.S. Navy PO1 Nicolas Hartman, U.S. Navy PO2 Eugene Vanderwalt and USMC Staff Sgt. Christopher Baer visited with Nic and Alexia to thank them for their efforts and share personal testimonials as to the importance of their efforts.
“A special thanks to Miesfeld’s, Sargento and our north side Wal-Mart for supporting our students in their efforts,” said Campus CEO Jamie Schramm. “Kudos to faculty member Synde Kraus for mentoring and inspiring our students to do great things.”
Nic and Alexia shared their thoughts on video about what they learned.

Prof. Vince Lowery to deliver CAHSS Virtual Conference Keynote

UW-Green Bay’s Director of Student Success and Engagement, Prof. Vince Lowery, will deliver the Virtual Keynote, “How HIP Is Your Education? High Impact Practices and the World You’re Preparing For” to kick off the CAHSS Virtual Conference. Join the Zoom Meeting May 4, 2020 from 11 to 11:30 a.m. More at


Listen to the third ‘Phoenix Thriving’ episode

The third “Phoenix Thriving” episode has been released! On this episode, UW-Green Bay Director of Student Success and Engagement Vince Lowery is joined by Director of Advising and Retention Darrel Renier, as they discuss Renier’s work as an advisor and how Renier has gotten to where he is today. Listen to Episode 3 here.

Latest data on ACT test scores in Wisconsin shows continued inequalities among students | WLUK

The data over the last five years of ACT test scores shows that there are disparities when it comes to both race and socioeconomic status. UW-Green Bay does require test scores to help admissions place students.

“The way I often explain not just test scores but GPA, both of those are a reflection of the educational context that a school goes through. A student’s ACT scores will often reflect how strong their school is the kinds of resources their school provided to prepare them the experience,” said Vince Lowery, UW-Green Bay director of student success and engagement.

While GPA and test scores are not factors that exclude students, they do help determine if they’ll need staff and peer support, through the Gateway to Phoenix Success Program. “We can connect them with the resources they need and often cases didn’t previously have access to. those students can and have and will continue to thrive at UWGB,” said Lowery.

Source: Latest data on ACT test scores in Wisconsin shows continued inequalities among students | WLUK

From GPS to graduate school, Shayla Warren has growing aspirations

Shayla Warren studies the long-term neural impact of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) with the Neuroscience Lab and its faculty members at UW-Green Bay. It’s a massive undertaking for an undergraduate student that could have significant implications on everything from youth sports to accidents on the playground.

Shayla Warren-1
Shayla Warren

What made it even more interesting, though, is the journey Shayla’s taken from a relatively shy, first-generation college student from a small town in northern (Ashland, Wis.) Wisconsin to a confident soon-to-be psychology graduate with doctoral aspirations. Warren plans to continue her research and then apply to graduate school for programs related to psychology or neuroscience.

“This is an opportunity that most undergraduates don’t have, at least not quite as hands-on as my experience was working with EEG, to the best of my knowledge,” she said. “I am very thankful to have been apart of the Neuroscience Lab.”

Earlier this year, she was one of six speakers at the PSI Talks, a venue for outstanding psychology students and psychology alumni to present their research, their internships or jobs, or just discuss about how a psychological concept relates to something from their life. See her talk on Traumatic Brain Injury.

‘CAHSS and Effect’ interview features Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell and Psychology student

The latest from “CAHSS and Effect” includes a conversation with Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell (Psychology) and Psychology student Shayla Warren. Warren arrived at UW-Green Bay enrolled in the Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) program, and now is studying the long-term neural impact of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and has doctoral aspirations. Warren has been working in Cowell’s Neuroscience Lab. Check out this insightful interview, conducted by Prof. and Associate Dean Ryan Martin (Psychology, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences).