Sheboygan Campus Students organize care packets for deployed students

As part of the Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) course, students are required to organize a service-related project. Grace Hasenstein, Caleb Gauthier, Nic Marshall (pictured) and Alexia Smith (pictured) worked with campus and community partners to assemble care packages to be sent to our service men and women deployed overseas. This week, U.S. Army SFC Nathan Preder, U.S. Navy PO1 Nicolas Hartman, U.S. Navy PO2 Eugene Vanderwalt and USMC Staff Sgt. Christopher Baer visited with Nic and Alexia to thank them for their efforts and share personal testimonials as to the importance of their efforts.
“A special thanks to Miesfeld’s, Sargento and our north side Wal-Mart for supporting our students in their efforts,” said Campus CEO Jamie Schramm. “Kudos to faculty member Synde Kraus for mentoring and inspiring our students to do great things.”
Nic and Alexia shared their thoughts on video about what they learned.

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