Join the Virtual Book Launch, Friday, May 6, for Call Me Morgue, a collection of ‘death snacks’ by Morgan Moran

Green Bay, Wis.—In a sometimes wrenching, often irreverent collection of “death snacks,” debut author Morgan Moran captures her fascination with death and its inner workings in her book, Call Me Morgue. The book is based on the author’s blog, which chronicles her journey into death work as a mortician’s apprentice after a 12-year career in advertising.

Call Me Morgue, the fifth title from The Teaching Press at UW-Green Bay, launches Friday, May 6, via Zoom, at 3 pm CST. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP here.

Teaching Press Director Prof. Rebecca Meacham happened upon Moran’s blog in early 2021, and realized it was the perfect teaching tool for the Press and its interns to tackle over the summer.

“Morgan’s hilarious voice, and its mix of the profane and the sacred, was astonishing,” Meacham says. “I knew her wit, self-deprecation, and insights had to be a book.”

Meacham has long had confidence in Moran, who graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2006 with BA in English.

“Morgan was freelancing for local magazines in her sophomore year,” she says. “It’s a delight to bring her gorgeous words to our current writing majors and, as a book, to new audiences everywhere.”

Moran’s blog-turned-book springs to life through comic-book style illustrations by Press intern and 2021 Writing and Applied Arts BFA graduate Ali Juul. Beginning in summer 2021, sixteen interns have participated in the book’s design, copyediting, developmental editing, client engagement, project management, printing, market research, and other aspects of production.

Moran is especially pleased to see her story move from the screen to the page.

“I hope the messages hit deeper as a book,” she says. “When I read something on a screen, I am constantly distracted by text messages, emails, the desire to google childhood stars (WHERE IS JONATHON TAYLOR THOMAS NOW?!). But when I hold a book in my hands, it’s just me and the book. My mind is in a much more wanting and receptive space.”

RSVP to the Call Me Morgue book launch on Friday, May 6, at 3 pm via Zoom. This event is free and open to the public.

For more about the book, and how to purchase a copy, visit here.

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