UW-Green Bay philanthropy students seek grant applicants

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Strategic Philanthropy students are seeking proposers for $10,000 they received from the Learning by Giving Foundation to distribute in the form of grants in the Brown County community. Public and Environmental Affairs Professor Lora Warner teaches the Strategic Philanthropy course.

This year’s class is issuing a request for grant proposals that improve the quality of life for at-risk young persons (ages 12-25) with an innovative approach to the prevention or relief of any of the following: substance abuse, homelessness, or mental health problems.

Details and the Request For Proposal are available at http://blog.uwgb.edu/pea/. Proposals are due by 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 7.

The class will announce the grant recipient(s) at 4 p.m. Thursday, May 7. The Recipient Event will be held in the Christie Theatre located in the UW-Green Bay University Union.

In 2014, the Cerebral Palsy’s (CP) Center Children’s Therapy Services for At-Risk Children and the Howe Community Resource Center Home Visitation Services for Ages 3 to 5 each received a $5,000 grant.

Visit the 2015 Strategic Philanthropy blog: https://uwgbphilanthropy.wordpress.com to keep up with the 2015 granting process.

The Strategic Philanthropy class is in its third year at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The national Learning by Giving Foundation founded by Doris Buffet currently funds the course. The course focuses on teaching philanthropy by allowing the students to award $10,000 in grants to the Brown County community each year. Public and Environmental Affairs Professor Lora Warner has been the instructor for the course since its development in 2013.

Media Contact: Professor Lora Warner warnerl@uwgb.edu, (920) 217-2553


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