UW-Green Bay’s Ryan Martin to co-host with Otis Day on the 95.9 morning show, Wednesday, May 1

UW-Green Bay Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Ryan Martin, will be joining Otis Day on the 95.9 morning show for a second time. Tune in to listen to him live between 5 and 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning, May 1.

Since it’s his second time on the show, we asked him a few questions about life as a morning radio host.

What surprised you the most about being on the radio? I really enjoyed watching Otis work.  He’s got to be good at a lot of different things, and it was fascinating to see him manage a lot of different tasks at once.  During songs and ads, he’s searching for things to talk about, editing audio clips, talking to callers, getting ready to read ads.  It’s really interesting.

What will you do differently this time, if anything? I was a little nervous at the start last time, so I’ll probably go into it a little more comfortable.  I’ll also share more via social media during (so people should follow along at @angerprofessor on Instagram).

What would surprise and delight listeners about the “behind-the-scenes” of a morning radio show??  That Katie and Nick really are there and really are engaged even though they can’t talk on the air.  The write things on the whiteboard, offer ideas and topics when we’re not on the air.  That group really does get along great and its going to be a lot of fun when they all get on the air together.

Anything else you’d like to add? Thanks! I get to be there on “announcement day” which is when they are going to announce when Katie and Nick are coming back! That will be fun.

Tune in tomorrow morning, and check out these photos from his first visit to 95.9!


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