UW-Green Bay to reprise Open Online Course, on app and game development

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will again offer a Local Open Online Course (LOOC), titled “Beginning App & 2D Game Development.”

The course begins Wednesday, March 18, but participants are welcome to join as late as the second week of instruction. Units will be addressed each Wednesday in the 12-week course.

Offered as an offshoot of recently popularized Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), a LOOC provides a similar style of flexible, no-cost online instruction but on a more limited basis. While MOOCs may have thousands of students, this particular LOOC can accept 250 individuals.

“Beginning App & 2D Game Development” is open to any student, including those in high school, with at least high school-level algebra proficiency. The course focuses on entry-level app and game development, and is taught from a beginner’s perspective. It assumes no prior programming knowledge, although those with prior knowledge are welcome.

Taught by UW-Green Bay lecturer Ben Geisler, this LOOC is all about learning to program and develop video games and applications for mobile devices.

In addition to learning and enrichment, students who take “Beginning App & 2D Game Development” have the chance to earn college credit through successful completion of the course. Individuals who earn a passing grade will be waived past UW-Green Bay’s Computer Science 201, a three-credit course that is the first course in the University’s Computer Science curriculum.

For more information or to register for “Beginning App & 2D Game Development,” visit www.uwgb.edu/compsci/looc/.


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