UW-Green Bay OKs new policy on post-retirement employment

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has adopted a new policy which sets parameters on the hiring of retired employees. The policy is effective immediately with approval this week (Dec. 8) by Chancellor Thomas K. Harden following affirmative votes by the institution’s Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Committee.

The new policy reiterates that rehiring of retired employees is intended primarily to address short-term needs, and the appointment period of a rehired retiree should generally not exceed one year. Such hirings are permitted only under specific circumstances (see policy, below), and require pre-approval from the University’s top administrators. Open recruitment is not required if retired employees are hired into the same or similar positions from which they retired. Retired university employees hired through a competitive civil service process are not subject to the one-year limitation.

UW-Green Bay Policy on Post-Retirement Employment

 This policy establishes the parameters for hiring retired university employees1.  All hires of retired university employees must also comply with the requirements of state law (ETF 10.08, Wisconsin Administrative Code).

1.  The employment of retired university employees is intended to address short-term needs of the university and is not to be used as a substitute for hiring on-going employees.  Consequently, the appointment period for a retired university employee generally should not exceed one year.

2.  The hiring of a retired university employee is permitted only in specific circumstances.  The Chancellor or Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or their designee must approve all appointments, in advance. Most of these circumstances are listed here.

  • The individual is needed on an interim basis while recruiting for a permanent employee or while decisions about the necessity of, or financial support for, the position are completed.
  • The individual’s expertise and experience are needed for a specific project and/or position.
  • The individual is needed to teach classes when it is not possible to hire a faculty member.
  • Emeriti can be hired to fill teaching, research and other roles when other resources are not available, or the hire is due to the unique qualifications of the faculty member.
  • The individual is hired as an LTE for a specific event (e.g., a concert).
  • Other exceptional circumstances exist and can be documented.

3.  Retired university employees may be hired into positions similar to those from which they retired  without open recruitment. Hiring retired university employees into substantially different   positions requires that university recruitment policies be followed.  Retired university employees  hired through a competitive civil service process are not subject to the one-year limitation.

4.  Continuation beyond the initial appointment period requires the approval of the Chancellor or  Vice Chancellor, in advance.

Contact the Office of Human Resources with questions about this policy.

1 For purposes of this policy, “retired university employees” refers to those employees who are continuing their annuity during the period of reemployment. This policy does not apply to retirees who stop their annuity and return to WRS participation during the period of employment.

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