Finalists for Associate Provost: Bauer, Davis, Kersten

Three finalists for the position of Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies will be interviewed Dec. 14-16 on campus. The candidates are:

» Prof. Angela Bauer, Human Biology
» Prof. Gregory Davis, Natural and Applied Sciences
» Prof. Andrew Kersten, Democracy and Justice Studies

Associate Provost sessions are open to the public
The three candidates to succeed Tim Sewall as associate provost for academic affairs and director of graduate studies are scheduled for interviews as follows:

Wednesday, Dec. 14 — Angela Bauer
Thursday, Dec. 15 — Gregory Davis
Friday, Dec. 16 — Andrew Kersten

Each candidate will take part in three separate hour-long interviews, with start times, locations and interview groups the same for each candidate and day, as follows:

8 a.m., MAC 301 (Vista Room), Graduate Faculty Board of Advisers, with graduate students;

10 a.m., UU Wequiock Room, members of the Academic Affairs Council, Institutional Research and Assessment, unit chairs and Provost staff

11 a.m., UU Manistique Room, representatives of Student Affairs, American Intercultural Center, International Education and FOCUS

Members of the campus community are invited to attend any of the open sessions listed here. Prof. Aeron Haynie of Humanistic Studies is chairperson of the search and screen committee.

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