Internship with the Green Bay Packers was game changer for Miranda Michaelis

Miranda Michaelis

When the Green Bay Packers extended their offer to free agent Miranda Michaelis she signed on the dotted line. Michaelis, a senior at UW-Green Bay reflects on her human resources internship with the greatest pro franchise in the world — the Green Bay Packers, and why it didn’t take her long to say, “yes” when offered an extension. Read this insightful Q & A:

Q: How did you get this internship? What are your responsibilities?

A: I came across the posting on PRO (Phoenix Recruitment Online) when I began my search for internships last summer of 2015. It was originally a year-long position, but I will now be continuing the internship up until graduation in May 2017. I am responsible for a wide variety of tasks related to recruitment, benefits, wellness, etc. I handle many of the application/resume submissions that come through and then assist with background checks on qualified applicants. I’ve also had the opportunity to help with events throughout the year, including job fairs, open interviews, and employee events.

Q: What is it like to work for the Green Bay Packers?

A: It’s definitely an amazing opportunity to be able to intern for the Packers. I look forward to going to work every morning because I work with such great people. Everyone is so dedicated to going above and beyond in contributing to the organization and it’s very inspiring to be a part of that type of atmosphere.

Q: What is unique or special about the organization?

A: A unique and special part of the Packers organization is the amount of teamwork that is put in on a daily basis in order to have successful game days, concerts, events, etc. Many people do not realize the behind-the-scenes work that takes place all year round. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for all the work that is done in order for fans to have a great experience at Lambeau Field.

Q: What is one really cool moment you’ve had during your internship?

A: A few months ago, I was able to sit down and have breakfast with our President & CEO, Mark Murphy. Our organization holds this event for a small group of employees and I had the chance to be a part of it. It was nice to learn more about him and his work with the Packers. We also got to meet employees from other departments that we don’t normally work with.

Q: Did you ever imagine you would have the chance to work for the Packers during your undergraduate work?

A: I never actually thought about it until I saw the posting on PRO. My ultimate goal was to gain HR experience through an internship within the Green Bay area and it worked out that the Packers were hiring for that internship position at that time.

Q: What other opportunities have you had at UWGB?

A: I’ve had so many great opportunities at UWGB! I was a part of the Phoenix GPS Program my freshman year which really encouraged me to get involved and make the most out of my undergraduate career. Since then, I have held positions with the Kress Events Center and Financial Aid & Student Employment department on campus. I have been involved as a Peer Advisor, Research Assistant, and conference co-coordinator as well. This last January, I participated in the winter travel course to Italy for two weeks! I am also involved with various honor societies along with SHRM (Society for HR Management). The experiences that I have had at UWGB have really helped me develop and improve upon valuable skills for my internship with the Packers.

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