Video: Explore the Learning Options Webpage

Attention incoming UW-Green Bay students, Green Bay One Stop Shop (GBOSS) has a new webpage, “Learning Options” to help you navigate your fall semester classes. The webpage has helpful resources and information about fall classes and course modalities. Go to

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Jennifer Jones and I’m the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Enrollment Services at UW-Green Bay. Today, I’m encouraging you to check out the website Learning Options. It is a page that can give you all the resources and information that you need to know what classes are going to be like this fall. It talks/teaches you how to use SIS, to find out how your courses are going to be offered and when they’re going to be offered. It also gives you examples on what those classes are going to be like. So, I encourage you to check out the page. If you have questions about your fall schedule and how it’s going to work, feel free to reach out to GBOSS. We can connect you with any resources that you might need. Connecting with GBOSS is easy. You can call them at 920-465-2111 or email them GBOSS Thanks, and I hope that you have a great fall semester and we’re always here to support you to see your success at UW-Green Bay.

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