Video: Download the Student Navigate App

Attention incoming UW-Green Bay students, this semester is going to look and feel different, but we have an app that will help you navigate the semester! Please download the Navigate Student App on your smartphone: Go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app. Open the app and search for “University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Log in using your UWGB username and password and complete a short survey to personalize the app. If you want upcoming reminders, then select allow push notifications.” For more info go to

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Vince Lowery, I’m the Director of Student Success and Engagement here at UW-Green Bay. We’re headed into a fall semester that’s going to look a lot different from what any of us might have imagined but we have an exciting tool to help you stay on course this fall the Navigate Student app. Need to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss your fall schedule or maybe graduation plans. That appointment is just a few clicks away in the Navigate app. Looking for somebody to study with in that online class, the Study Buddy feature will get you connected with your classmates. Need a hand with that hard online class this fall with a few easy clicks you can schedule an appointment with a tutor in our Learning Center. Looking for information about upcoming events, key dates like registration or just some tips on how to handle the fall semester, all of that information is in the palm of your hand with the Navigate app. Head on over to your app store, search Navigate Student and once you find it and download it, use your UWGB username and password to log in and you’re ready to get going. The fall semester is going to look a lot different than we expected but with the Navigate Student app, we can all stay on course together.

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