UW-Green Bay Refund FAQs

Will I receive a refund for the following charges:

  • Tuition is not being refunded because courses are continuing to be offered, although via alternative methods. If earned by completing your courses, as in any semester, credits will be awarded, bringing students closer to the completion of their degrees. The UW System believes this is the best path forward, rather than ending all courses without any credits awarded, postponing the completion of degrees by all students. 
  • Segregated fees are not being refunded. Services such as the Counseling and Health Center, Student Life, UREC and the Pride Center are still providing services to students via alternative methods.  Please see their individual websites or social media for specifics.
  • Housing: The Office of Residence Life will be refunding students for the unused portion of their 2019-2020 housing contract. Refund amounts will be calculated from the end of spring break per UWS guidance. Refunds will be calculated based on this date if students complete the check-out process by 10:00PM on Friday, March 27, 2020. Refunds issued to students who depart after the deadline will be based on the actual date of departure. Refunds will only be issued to students who complete the check-out process in its entirety. Students who have questions should reach out to the Office of Residence Life at 920-465-2040. Please act promptly.
  • Parking fees will not be refunded for students or employees. While we understand that many individuals will not be using parking through the end of the semester, we are unable facilitate a refund because the parking fees will still be used towards the maintenance, repair, and resurfacing of roads and parking lots.  All of those items continue to be necessary regardless of whether individuals are using the lots.
  • Meal Plans: Residential students with meal plans who check-out and leave campus will automatically have their refunds calculated based on their check-out date. Non-residential students who want to cancel their meal plans can do so by requesting that by emailing universityid@uwgb.edu Dining dollars will be refunded as part of the meal plan refund process.  Pass points will continue to roll forward to the Fall 2020 semester.  Please note we have already worked to transition our campus dining program to carry-out only. All meal plans have had their transfer and reuse restrictions removed.  Meal plan refunds and adjustments will be processed as soon as possible. For meal plan and dining questions please email universityid@uwgb.edu.
  • Special course fees? We are currently reviewing the campus process for this course by course.

I was a student employee.  Do I qualify for unemployment benefits?

Student employees are excluded from unemployment benefits by both federal and state law. The university recognizes student employees are a vital asset to keeping our university running.   UW System is looking for options to provide support to our student employees at this challenging time, but nothing as been determined at this time.  Future updates will be sent directly to student employees via their university email accounts.

I have work study through financial aid.  What will happen with those funds?

At this time, the Federal Work Study situation is still being evaluated. As new information becomes available, we will notify the individuals impacted by this.  Please watch your university email account.

My travel course is canceled, will I receive a refund? 

Yes payments made for travel courses that have been canceled will be refunded. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Office of International Education at oie@uwgb.edu

Will I be charged the $25 per credit distance education fee for my class since I am now taking the class on line? 

No additional fee will be charged due to all classes being temporarily offered online. If you have a new fee you do not understand, please contact the Bursar’s Office at bursar@uwgb.edu

Will I be refunded the $25 per credit distance ed fee since everyone is taking online classes and not everyone has to pay?

No refunds of the distance ed fee will be processed for a student that had originally enrolled in the online courses.

Will changes to my financial aid still be processed and will I still receive a refund on my student account?

Yes refunds on student accounts will continue to be processed.  If you have signed up for electronic refunding, you will receive the refund as an ACH to your bank account.  Paper checks will be mailed to your home address contained in SIS and will not be available for pickup in the Bursar office.  Please review your SIS account to confirm the home address is accurate.

If I have an outstanding account balance, and I am unable to come to campus to make a payment, will I still be charged interest on my account balance?

The application of interest on student account balances for the Spring 2020 term has been temporarily suspended through the end of May.

How can I make payment on my student account if I can’t come to campus?

You are able to make payment on your student account online. Payment using an electronic check is free.  Credit or debit card payments are accepted online which does have a 2.75% surcharge.  Payments can also be mailed to the Bursar’s Office, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311.  Please include your student ID number with the payment.

How can I get my student account refund check if I am not supposed to be on campus?

The Bursar staff will be mailing all refunds checks to your home address that is in SIS. Please review your home address in SIS to confirm it is accurate.  Checks will not be available for pickup at the Bursar Office.  You can also sign up for Electronic refunding through your SIS account. 

How can I pay my parking citation?

There are two ways you can pay your parking citation. The first is to mail it in.  Payments can be mailed to the Bursar’s Office, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311.  You can also call the Bursar’s Office and make a payment by phone.  Their number is 920-465-2224.

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