Part of history: Students aid vaccination effort – Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Call it a win-win-win-win.Thanks to a program involving University of Wisconsin-Green Bay nursing students, many good things are happening at the Green Bay VA Health Care Clinic: Student nurses are getting hands-on experience by giving COVID-19 shots. The clinic is getting help in staffing vaccination clinics .The students are getting tuition aid. Veterans are being kept safe. The COVID-19 Tuition Refund Program, launched last year by Tommy Thompson, interim University of Wisconsin System president, is yielding all those positive results.

The program allows nursing students to receive tuition credit of $500 if they log at least 16 hours in a clinic, giving COVID-19 shots.While most of those students are working in community clinics, two students from UW-Green Bay are giving shots in the Green Bay VA clinic.

“It’s a neat experience,” said Alyssa Ehlke, a sophomore in her first year in the nursing program. “It’s nice that they’re giving us the practice, and we get a little extra money back for it. Plus I’m able to work through the pandemic.”

Source: ‘Part of history’: Students aid vaccination effort – Milwaukee VA Medical Center

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