Peter Kraker writes ‘The Green Bay Way’ on UW-Green Bay women’s basketball

Peter Kraker has been in and around sports his entire life. He was a prep standout at West Allis Central, played quarterback at Northern Illinois and signed a free agent contract with the Chicago Bears.But he never witnessed anything quite like he did when he brought his daughter, Mehryn, to watch the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay women’s basketball team during a summer scrimmage about a decade ago.“The girls were just going at it and correcting each other and coaching each other and confronting each other,” Kraker said. “There were tears and there was all this stuff going on, and there were no coaches. Probably the most intense thing I had ever seen in my life athletically, and it went on for 2 ½ hours. Then they finished with this group hug.”

Source: Peter Kraker writes ‘The Green Bay Way’ on UWGB women’s basketball

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