UW-Green Bay posts 360° style guide, toolkit

360 ToolkitThe University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Office of Marketing and Communication has made available a range of resources to guide institutional use of the new 360° of Learning tagline and brand imagery.
The resources include downloadable images, written guidelines on proper use of the brand language, and simple tools for advancing the brand.

Toolkit provides guidance, downloads for using 360° brand platform
UW-Green Bay employees, offices and programs are encouraged to take advantage of online resources to make best use of the 360° of Learning brand. A new website, The 360° Degree Toolkit, is built to help those who want a solid brand presence in their marketing pieces. At www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/ you will find:

• A University Style Guide reflecting the guidelines for logo usage
• Downloadable logos
• Graphic elements of the 360° brand
• Powerpoint and Word templates
• A refreshed color palette and complementary colors
• Web colors and policy
• Examples of 360° brand language (message matrix)
• Shortcuts for typing the degree symbol

Note: Slight change in wordmark
Campus users will note the actual Phoenix has not been altered. It was suggested that there is too much brand equity in the current logo to make a switch. However, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay wordmark now carries a slightly updated font. There are no plans for an expensive signage overhaul, but graphic designers and others are encouraged to use the new wordmark/logo. www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/downloads/logos.asp

Simple way to generate a 360° of Learning e-mail signature
In response to frequent requests for a “360° of Learning” signature for e-mail correspondence, a standard signature is now accessible at www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/signature/. The signature generator there is intended as an easy-to-use tool that will help to unify UW-Green Bay e-mail correspondence with a consistent look and information structure — that shows affiliation with the “360° of Learning” brand message. It also helps promotes social media accounts. This e-mail signature is optionally available for UW-Green Bay accounts.

Method for submitting YOUR stories and rich content
What is at the heart of our brand? YOU! A reminder from Director of Marketing Sue Bodilly that 360° of Learning is simply a consistent platform for telling your great stories — stories of general interest but also those that involve the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in a very specialized field. UW-Green Bay’s core brand is established by our culture and was both verbalized and formalized by perception research. Our attributes:

• Excellence in teaching
• Connections with internationally recognized faculty
• Solving problems from multiple perspectives
• Engagement in applied learning experiences
• Welcoming, friendly campus community

The Office of Marketing and University Communication wants to learn more about these  stories, especially those that are visually engaging, such as:

• Photos or video of hands-on interaction and engagement
• Emotional content
• Breakthroughs, successes, research findings
• Unique background or settings
• Use of interesting tools, materials, instruments, methods
• Recognized success stories
• Unique delivery methods

Use this form www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/idea/ to submit a story idea, or e-mail 360@uwgb.edu.

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