Printed faculty/staff phone books, and the PDF option

If you haven’t yet picked up your department’s new 2012-13 faculty/staff phone directories, here’s a reminder. To receive your allotment, have your designated phone-books-picker-upper report to Cofrin Library Room 820 between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. There’s a limited supply. Like an additional copy or copies for home, car or wherever? Another option is to print out your own version (or just select, relevant pages), using the PDF, click here.

Any corrections or updates?

For those of you already enjoying your free, deluxe copies of the 2012/13 directory — thanks again to our advertisers at Shorewood, the Bookstore and University Union for supporting the book (please use the coupons and patronize their businesses) — now’s the time we ask you to get back to us with any corrections and/or updates.

Individuals: Human Resources – To update your individual campus listing, send an email with any changes to Human Resources at

Departments: Betsy Bassett-Piehl – To update your department listing, contact Marketing and Communication at 2626 or

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