Prof. Tiwari and Prof. Chandna present on applications of data science in multiple industries

UW-Green Bay Lecturer Praneet Tiwari (Business Administration) and Associate Professor Vallari Chandna (Marketing and Management) have co-authored a paper on data science applications across varied industries. They recently presented their work at the Southwest Academy of Management Annual Conference, 2021. This is an international collaborative project with three industry professionals from across India and USA that discusses how big data needs and utilization vary across organizations and industries.

Request: Minimalists needed for sustainability & consumer research

A research request from Assistant Prof. Aniruddha Pangarkar:

“I recently had one of my academic papers published in an A-level academic journal (Journal of Business Research). For taking this research forward, I would like to interview around 15 minimalistic consumers. These are basically individuals who prefer not engaging in indiscriminate purchases or who try to avoid materialistic purchases/collecting and hoarding of unnecessary items. Such consumers are also ecologically focused and practice sustainability and care for societal welfare and the environment. In addition, such consumers focus on well-being, reducing stress levels, improving the quality of life, and focusing their energies on hobbies or interests such as hiking, traveling, gym, yoga (goal-oriented activities), etc., rather than consumerism. Minimalistic consumers also like to declutter and prefer simplistic homes and living spaces. In addition, such consumers also want to enhance their financial savings through exercising prudence (not purchasing unnecessary items or not hoarding and collecting items) or reducing purchases. To qualify for the interview, consumers do not need to meet all the above characteristics. Even if you meet 2-3 of these, it will be good to interview you. The interviews will take between 30-50 minutes. Please let me know if you (or someone that you know) would be interested in participating. If you would like to participate, then please also let me know 3-4 times that are convenient for you anytime starting next week (week of April 12, 2021). If you would like to contact him to know more about this, then please email

Assistant Professor Pangarkar (Marketing) invited to be lead guest editor for Journal of Advertising

Assistant Professor Aniruddha Pangarkar (Marketing) has been invited to be a Guest Editor for a special issue on luxury and advertising in the International Journal of Advertising (top-ranked A level journal, as per ABDC rankings). In fact, he will be the lead Guest Editor. The special issue is part of the GFMC conference that is held each year and is attended by some of the most famous and prominent scholars in Marketing. Many other A level publications are part of this conference, too. “This is a very special and rare achievement for someone like me, who is just in his first 6 months as a tenure-track faculty. It is a big honor for me and UWGB. What makes it even more special is that the International Journal of Advertising Editor, Dr. Charles Taylor, personally called me and invited me to serve as the Guest Editor” said Prof. Pangarkar, who also served on the Editorial Review Board (ERB) of the same journal.


Faculty note: Prof. Chandna among experts on current job market trends with a focus on sustainability

UW-Green Bay’s Associate Professor Vallari Chandna (Marketing and Management) was among those interviewed and was asked to comment on graduates interested in sustainability jobs. Among other things she also mentions, “for all job seekers, certifications are an important way to indicate your interests and show your desire and propensity to “upskill.” Additionally, sustainability graduates’ experience with grant-writing and any major endeavors or projects that are communication-related, is a plus.“ Read the full article including her comments on Zippia’s website.

Faculty note: Prof. Pangarkar talks insurance with Moneygeek

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Aniruddha Pangarkar (Marketing) provided expert commentary to Moneygeek new liability-only and full coverage insurance pieces:

Pangarkar discusses the primary risks of liability-only insurance, who should consider liability-only vs. full coverage, recommended coverage amounts and more.

Faculty note: Prof. Pangarkar has new publication on consumer minimalism

Aniruddha Pangarkar
Assistant Prof. Aniruddha Pangarkar

Consumers are becoming far more minimalistic according to UW-Green Bay faculty Assistant Professor of Marketing, Aniruddha Pangarkar, who recently had his research paper titled “Minimalism in Consumption: A Typology and Brand Engagement Strategies” published in Journal of Business Research, a top-ranked (A level) and highly prestigious academic business journal. He found that consumer patterns are changing and consumers are not engaging nearly as often in indiscriminate or impulse purchases. Through practicing minimalism and decluttering their homes, consumers are able to discover happiness, reduce stress levels, improve the quality of their lives, and experience well-being. The topic of the paper is highly relevant and germane given the COVID-19 pandemic and consumer focus on wellness. Pangarkar’s paper contributes to the literature through developing a typology of different kinds of minimalistic consumers, thereby providing actionable strategies that firms can implement to engage and target these diverse consumer groups. Pangarkar’s research paper is available for free to view or download.


Faculty note: Prof. Pangarkar to serve on ERB for International Journal of Advertising

Congratulations Assistant Professor Aniruddha (Ani) Pangarkar, (Marketing), on being invited to serve on the Editorial Review Board (ERB) for the International Journal of Advertising, a top A-ranked journal known for the high-quality and rigor of its’ papers. After just one semester of teaching in the Cofrin School of Business, Pangarkar’s new role with the global team of ERB members and scholars is a significant career milestone. Read more about Prof. Pangarkar on this GB webpage.