Rosewall has warm reception at book signing  

Prof. Ellen Rosewall, students and alumni
It was great to see the warm reception for Prof. Ellen Rosewall by her current students and alumni at a book signing and reception Tuesday evening (Nov. 12) at the ARTgarage. Rosewall and her Arts Management students first participated in a meeting at NWTC where community and arts leaders discussed the future of the arts in Green Bay. Rosewall says, “I was hoping it would be a learning experience for them, and instead received several comments from community attendees about how much our students added to the discussion!”

In the photo, bottom row, left to right: Morgen Clarey, Hannah Hacker, Megan Leonard and Lauren Sinner. Top row, left to right: Ashley DePrey-Peeters, Nicole (Eickert) VanStraten (2003 grad), Carrie Dorski (2011 grad), Ellen Rosewall, Terri Perkins, Holly Anderson, Joey Hart, Caleb Cheslock, Alicia DeBlaey (2012 grad).

Rosewall is the author of the new textbook Arts Management: Uniting Arts and Audiences in the 21st Century, released this month by Oxford University Press, USA. Read more in our news release.

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