Listing all retirees

Hope you enjoyed Tuesday’s faculty/staff get-together at the annual Campus Cookout. The University and Human Resources extended special invitations to those who are planning near-term retirement or have already retired in the last 10 months are so. Yesterday, we carried the roster of retirees who were expected to attend as honored guests. Today, for the record, we publish the comprehensive invitee list as pulled together by HR:

Gary Belongia, Residence Life, retired 1/5/13
Derryl Block, Nursing, retired 7/7/12
Mary Compton, Facilities Management and Planning, retired 3/1/13
Sharon Denzel, Natural and Applied Sciences, retired 2/14/13
Sharon Dimmer, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, retired 4/6/13
Linda Dupuis, Purchasing and Institutional Support, retired 7/11/12
Victoria Goff, Information and Computing Science, retiring 7/22/13
Mary Goral, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, retired 1/9/13
Brent Hussin, Business Administration, retiring 05/26/13
Patty Miller, Facilities Management, retiring 8/9/13
Gary Pero, Facilities Management, retired 11/29/12
David Rye, Residence Life, retired 1/5/13
James Sams, Academic Technology Services, retired 1/5/13
Ruth Weeks, Registrar’s Office, retired 12/8/12

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