'Scholars' all: Baker, Dale, Lukesh, David Radosevich, Vanden Houten

Congratulations to faculty members selected as Teaching Scholars for the 2009-10 academic year! Their applications were chosen based upon their passion, commitment and excellence in teaching. Scholars will spend the year exploring the scholarship of teaching and learning, working on their own teaching projects and engaging in discussions about teaching. The year culminates in a campus-wide conversation about their teaching projects. This year’s participants, as announced by program co-directors, Profs. Regun A.R. Gurung and Denise Scheberle, are:

Kimberly Baker, Human Biology
Timothy Dale, Social Change and Development
Julie Lukesh, Natural and Applied Sciences
David Radosevich, Business Administration
Christine Vanden Houten, Nursing

P.S. — A tentative date of Oct. 23 has been set for the presentation to campus by last year’s Teaching Scholars. We’ll share details as they become available.

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