UW System unveils first offerings in ‘UW Flexible Option’

The University of Wisconsin System announced Wednesday the first degree programs that will be offered under its innovative UW Flexible Option starting in Fall 2013. The System is expected to be the first public university system in the nation to offer this kind of competency-based, self-paced learning option. The UW Flexible Option is designed for nontraditional adult students who often come to college with substantial learning acquired in a variety of venues. It will allow students to earn college credit by demonstrating knowledge they have acquired through coursework, military training, on-the-job training, and other learning experiences. It was announced Wednesday that UW-Milwaukee will offer four degree programs and one certificate program. UW Colleges will provide an array of general education and liberal arts courses in the new format, in core fields such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, business, English, Spanish, geography, and others. UW Colleges will also work to provide the Associate of Arts and Science degree via the UW Flexible Option, which may also meet the general education requirements of four-year degree programs launched by other institutions. Several other UW System institutions, including UW-Parkside, are working to develop Flexible Options for their degree programs, and additional offerings should be ready by Fall 2014. You can read the full UW System news release.

Media coverage of Wednesday’s UW System announcement

Here’s a link to Wisconsin State Journal coverage of this week’s update from UW System officials on progress involving the new UW Flexible Option initiative: http://host.madison.com/news/state-and-regional/uw-milwaukee-to-offer-flexible-degree-programs/article_1dd7845e-c0af-5548-aa59-6e4601ca20da.html

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