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Board will discuss idea of Extension granting first degrees

The Board of Regents’ education committee is hearing proposed revisions to UW-Extension’s mission statement that would allow it to grant business certificates, associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees through the UW System’s Flex Option program. Extension currently doesn’t offer any degrees.

USA Today guest columnists reference skepticism of new degrees

“Give competency-based college programs a chance” is the headline over a guest column on the USA Today opinions site this week. The authors are James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley. It’s a typical call-for-reform essay, but might be of special interest here because it mentions Gov. Walker’s Flexible Degree initiative, offers a link to a […]

UW System rolls out two-track flexible degree option

That’s the headline over a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story. It says working adults who want to finish a college degree through the University of Wisconsin System’s new Flexible Option degree program will likely have two options, starting this fall: the all-you-can-learn in three-months term, or assessment-only to immediately gain credits toward a degree.

UW System’s ‘Flexible’ initiative gets widespread media attention

Plenty of news coverage – statewide, regionally and beyond – for this week’s announcement concerning the first progress on the UW System’s “flexible degree” initiative. A fairly lengthy Associated Press report is representative, explaining that the target audience is adults — those who want to advance in their current careers and those who are unemployed […]

UW System unveils first offerings in ‘UW Flexible Option’

The University of Wisconsin System announced Wednesday the first degree programs that will be offered under its innovative UW Flexible Option starting in Fall 2013. The System is expected to be the first public university system in the nation to offer this kind of competency-based, self-paced learning option. The UW Flexible Option is designed for […]

UW-Green Bay involved in statewide planning

Wednesday’s announcement by UW System wasn’t news to administrators and faculty at UW-Green Bay who are involved in Systemwide planning and study of the new UW Flexible Option. Both Provost Julia Wallace and faculty representative Brian Sutton are members of work groups evaluating the initiative and implementation. UW-Green Bay officials say it was anticipated that […]

Governor’s statement on Flexible Degree Option Programs

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who earlier this year with UW System President Kevin P. Reilly and Chancellor Ray Cross of Colleges and Extension announced a “competency-based degree model that will transform higher education in Wisconsin,” released the following statement Wednesday: Using a competency-based degree model coupled with online testing has the potential to revolutionize higher […]

Governor, UW System announce flexible degree initiative

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was in Green Bay Tuesday, June 19 to announce “Flexible Degree” initiative, an effort designed to open new pathways toward a UW System degree. The new program is designed to offer needed flexibility and cost savings for students while giving them credit for knowledge and experience already obtained. Walker, UW System […]