Workshops ahead for Inclusive Equity Certificate Program

The Inclusive Equity Certificate Program is offering two workshops for employees: “Inclusivity and Equity at UWGB, Workshops 1 and 2”, on Wednesday, June 17 in Alumni A and B.
Workshop 1: What Inclusive Excellence is at UWGB — the difference between a hate crime and a bias report. Through small group work, participants will be able to identify examples of Inclusive Excellence that can be used in the classroom/workplace. In addition, participants will learn where to find a bias/hate crime report online and practice how to identify the differences between hate crimes and bias behaviors, and where to report a bias/hate crime for students and employees.
Workshop 2: Defining the difference between tolerance and acceptance and how a cultural change can occur from tolerance to acceptance. Other topics explored include cultural humility, how to be accountable for change, tokenism, and the ability for employee resource groups to enhance employee engagement).

Employees who RSVP are asked to view a 19-minute video clip that will be e-mailed prior to attending these workshops. Attendance in Workshop 1 encouraged but not required to attend Workshop 2.
Please RSVP by June 15 by locating the links within each workshop posted in the Inclusive Excellence Workshop web site.

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