Historian Voelker receives Research Scholar honors

David Voelker, associate professor of Humanistic Studies and History, is the newest recipient of the Research Scholar award presented by the Office of the Provost and the institutional Research Council. Voelker will receive a three-credit course release for spring 2014, affording him time to advance his scholarship and further research resulting in “Debating American History: An Argument-Based Textbook Alternative.” His publication will propose a modular textbook alternative for U.S. history instructors who want to teach an argument-based introductory course. In place of a history textbook that “covers” a given period of history with a relatively straightforward narrative, the text will offer a selection of 25 modular units. Each module will include a carefully chosen array of historical arguments, documents and reference materials, through which students will explore major historical debates in depth. The project concept is based upon both historical and pedagogical research that Voelker has carried out over the past several years.