Faculty note: Bansal publications

Gaurav Bansal, associate professor of Business Administration and a specialist in management information systems and statistics, is the lead author of three recent publications in peer-reviewed research journals:

“Trust Violation and Repair: The Information Privacy Perspective,” published in Decision Support Systems, investigates the process by which trust in a business company is violated by privacy breaches and the extent of its repair by the company responses — namely apology, denial and no-response. The research investigates the moderating effects of two types of privacy violations — hacking and unauthorized sharing.

“The role of privacy assurance mechanisms in building trust and the moderating role of privacy concern,” published in the European Journal of Information Systems, articulates the process by which various privacy assurance mechanisms pertaining to a website operate in enhancing an individual’s trust in the website, and show that there are distinct behavioral differences between individuals with high- vs. low-privacy concern when forming their trust to disclose private information online.

“Trading trust for discount: The role of frugality in moderating the impact of privacy and security concerns in three contexts,” published in the Journal of Computer Information Systems, examines the role individuals’ frugality plays in moderating the impact of privacy and security concerns on the trust-discount tradeoff. The research measures the user’s intention on a continuum to transact with a higher-trust, higher-premium website as opposed to lower-trust, higher discount website.

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