UW-Green Bay computer science graduates have jobs waiting for them

Computer Science Graduates

They are ready and eager for the working world. Only nine of UW-Green Bay Computer Science students were eligible to graduate in December 2016  — six made it to the ceremony — but each is in high demand in the workforce and most had jobs lined up before they graduated.

Pictured in the photo above, are the six students who both marched in December commencement ceremonies and secured employment before graduation. From left to right, Brennen Frisque (Georgia Pacific), Matthew Hart (Breakthrough Fuel), Jacob Labeots (Human Head Game Studios), Landon Rehn (Thrivent Financial), Corey Swanningson (Schreiber Foods) and Adam Ulman (Thrivent Financial). Missing: Mitchell Ostrenga (hired by Schneider), Chelsea Patek (headed to graduate school) and Ethan Potts (closing in on a job).

Some of the graduates like Corey Swanningson worked their way from interns into permanent employees.

“In the summer of 2014 I started a software development internship with Schreiber foods where I was able to develop awesome relationships and gain more hands on experience with my potential future career, said Swanningson. “I was recommended for this position by UWGB Career Services as I hadn’t applied for it, but this opportunity was definitely life changing. This internship is what confirmed my desire to work in the software development industry. I started working full time in February of 2016 at Schreiber Foods as a software developer. I completed my last semester at UWGB this fall with five classes online while working 40-50 hour weeks and I have graduated in 3.5 years.”

Jacob Labeots has the rare opportunity to start his career at a game studio — Human Head Games Studios. “This is extremely difficult to do,” said Labeots’ UWGB instructor Ben Geisler. “What’s more, the Chief Operating Officer from the company personally contacted me asking for more graduates based on how well Jacob is doing so far.”

“This is a great bunch of students and a very special group because of their focus and willingness to go the extra mile,” says Ankur Chattopadhyay, UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. of Information and Computing Sciences. “They all have done internships in their junior and senior years. Additionally, Brennen, Matthew, Adam, Chelsea, Mitchell and Jacob have worked on undergraduate research projects with their faculty members and presented their research in regional and state symposiums. A number of these students have served as teaching assistants and have shown leadership and role-model qualities!”

Frisque and Patek will be working with Chattopadhyay to present their capstone research at the top level computer science conference in the nation (in Seattle, WA) in March.

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