Entrepreneurial news

UW-Green Bay student Sam Hunt (Mathematics) will be presenting what he learned over the past several weeks from the gBETA accelerator on Thurs, April 19, 018 at FVTC’s Bordini Center. He is presenting on his latest endeavor, PrecisionLAG golf swing correction device. Register for free, here, to see him and the other cohort members present.

As a follow up to The Commons visit to UW-Green Bay on Jan. 24, 2018, five UWGB students (with majors in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Psychology) will be presenting with their teams on Tues, April 24 in Milwaukee at Demo Day. Register here to attend (it’s free, there’s food, bring someone with you!). Please encourage your students to participate in building their entrepreneurial skills on diverse teams (all majors, from nearly 30 higher education institutions in Eastern Wisconsin) to build startups or work on real corporate innovation projects. If you have students interested in a one-day or fall nine-week program (schedule here: http://www.thecommonswi.com/accelerator/), Ryan Kauth can work with them for credit. They accept 75 students. All five UWGB students who applied for spring were accepted!

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