Watch the Video: No boundaries for Kyra, English Major

Delve into the world of literature and storytelling with Kyra, a UW-Green Bay English major who has always had a deep love for reading. Kyra shares her journey from receiving support and encouragement from professors to becoming a published writer in a literary journal.


Transcript: So, I got involved with the English program and found an interest in English because of my parents mainly. They were big bookworms. They always had books just kind of lying around. And then one day I just kind of decided I’m going to take one of those books and read it and I actually really enjoyed it. Because of that book, I kind of just got exposed into this whole English, creative writing community and world. One of my favorite English classes was Professor Williams’ Surrealism class. And I really enjoyed that because the surreal is just such an interesting kind of concept. So, I liked that when in that class we focused a lot on creative writing and like just artwork in general that was surreal to other people and you kind of explored and interpreted kind of why people felt that way. One of my professors Dr. Young, I was in her Non-fiction Creative Writing class and I was very hesitant to basically try to submit my non-fiction piece anywhere. I didn’t think that anyone wanted to even know about my life. I didn’t think that it was written well. I basically just didn’t believe in myself at all. Because Dr. Young kind of worked with me and kind of helped me get to a point where I felt comfortable with um submitting my work. Now I have one of my creative non-fiction pieces published in a um literary journal, which is just amazing and kind of unbelievable in my mind. The Sheepshead Review practicum is a great learning experience because you are able to work on the publication process from day one all the way up until distribution of the physical copies and also the digital copies as well. It’s just really cool to be able to say that you had an impact on this literary journal. What I liked about English and English literature and creative writing in general is that there aren’t any boundaries to someone’s creativity and Imagination. I aspire to be an author. I hope that I will be able to write and publish children’s books and also to write and publish a poetry collection as well.

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