Closed arboretum trail

UW-Green Bay Recreation Areas Closed to the Public, Effective April 10

On April 9, 2020 Governor Tony Evers issued a directive closing specified Wisconsin State Parks & Forests effective Friday, April 10, 2020 for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

It continues be to the goal of the University to maintain the safest environment for visitors and staff. Currently, the University is unable to provide the necessary staffing to maintain the outdoor spaces and respond to the safety and security of individuals using these spaces. To facilitate that goal, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will close all areas on campus to members of the public until the conclusion of the COVID-19 emergency.

Consistent with the directive of the Governor, the following areas of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay shall be closed to the public effective Friday, April 10, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.:

  • Cofrin Arboretum and trails
  • Communiversity Park / Lambeau Cottage (lots & trails associate with these areas)
  • Phoenix Park
  • Frisbee Golf Course
  • Roadways and interior walkways to recreational pedestrian traffic

It is understood that this may represent a loss of opportunity for outdoor recreation, however it is necessary to facilitate adherence to the Safer at Home Emergency Order and for the safety and security of University staff and visitors.

Cartoon contest: What did the sandhill crane say to the turkey?

Cartoon caption contest: ‘What did the sandhill crane say to the turkey?’

One can only imagine what’s happening on UW-Green Bay’s campuses while so many of us are away. This cartoon, by staff writer and cartoonist Michael Shaw, suggests one possibility. The only question is—what did the sandhill crane say to the turkey?

That’s up to you tell us in our first-ever cartoon caption contest. Submit your caption idea to Michael Shaw at and three finalists will be chosen. Then you’ll be able to vote for your favorite caption. The winner will receive the original drawing with their winning caption. The two runner-ups, a print of the cartoon with their captions. Put on those creative-thinking caps! The contest ends April 10, and judging the three captions will occur the week of April 13-17.

A brief reprieve from our current situation is good for the heart and soul. Let your creativity and sense of humor take wing!

Important Decisions on COVID-19 at UW-Green Bay, March 11, 2020

UW-Green Bay’s update to faculty, staff and students—March 11, 2020

To: University Community
From: Sheryl Van Gruensven, Interim Chancellor
Date: March 11, 2020
Subject: Important Decisions on COVID-19 at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and strategize to keep students, faculty and staff safe from potential transmission. University leadership is meeting daily to assess the situation and make necessary decisions. We will announce updates every Wednesday or more frequently if required.

Consistent with guidance from the CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, UW System and the Brown County Health Department our goal is containment. Toward that end, the University has made the following decisions regarding class delivery, spring break travel, upcoming events and workplace expectations.


  • Beginning Monday, March 23-March 28, all UW-Green Bay classes at all campuses will be taught via alternative delivery methods. You will receive additional details from your faculty in the days ahead. We will update this status for subsequent weeks every Wednesday.
  • Students leaving campus for spring break are strongly encouraged to go home and remain home until further notice. We are evaluating the situation daily and will communicate a return-to-campus date as soon as possible.
  • Take instructional materials, computers, medications and other valuables home with you over spring break.
  • Campuses remain open and essential services will remain available (in person or by phone), including but not limited to counseling and health, dining, housing, police and academic advising.
  • Students not able to leave campus for spring break will have accommodations.
  • Students requiring internet and access to computer labs can return to campus after break to do so.
  • All University-sponsored spring break trips for students and faculty have been cancelled. See the additional travel guidance for international and U.S. travel, below.


  • Continue your preparations to move all instruction to alternative means of delivery by Monday, March 23. Resources to assist you in doing so can be found online: https://www
  • We expect every effort to be made to communicate to students by March 23 how their courses will be delivered. Please work with your deans and department chairs to achieve this.
  • All University-sponsored spring break trips for students and faculty have been cancelled. See the additional travel guidance for international and U.S. travel below.
  • All University-sponsored travel outside the state of Wisconsin for faculty and staff from March 14-March 29 has also been cancelled. Exceptions can be made only with approval from the Chancellor.
  • Campuses remain open and essential services will remain available. Employees are expected to report. If you have specific concerns or reasons not to report, work with your supervisor.


  • Campuses remain open and essential services will remain available. Employees are expected to report. If you have specific concerns or reasons not to report, work with your supervisor.
  • A temporary telecommuting policy will go into effect on Monday, March 16. More communication on alternate work schedules and telecommuting will be provided by Friday, March 13.
  • All University-sponsored travel outside the state of Wisconsin for faculty and staff from March 14-March 29 has also been cancelled. Exceptions can be made only with approval from the Chancellor.

Campus Events

  • Campus events from March 14-March 22 have been cancelled. Future events are continually being evaluated with decisions being made each Wednesday regarding continuation or cancellation of upcoming events and mass gatherings.
  • The Kress Events Center will be closed to the public from March 14-March 29.
  • Refer to the Weidner Center website for individual event updates.
  • Green Bay Athletics continues to monitor the situation, with guidance from the NIT, Horizon League and the NCAA forthcoming.

University Travel Cancellations and Guidance

With spring break approaching next week, please be aware of the following if you are planning to travel. You are strongly encouraged to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself from coming in contact with infected individuals.

University-Sponsored Travel Cancelled

  • All University-sponsored Spring Break trips for students and faculty have been cancelled.
  • All University-sponsored travel outside the state of Wisconsin for faculty and staff from March 14-March 29 has also been cancelled.

Spring Break Travel Guidance

Domestic Travel

As of March 10, a state of emergency has been declared in the following states in an effort to combat the virus:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington

As these states are reporting some of the highest levels of COVID-19 cases, UW-Green Bay discourages travel to these locations by students, faculty and staff. Per the Wisconsin Department of Health Services: People who have traveled in the past 14 days to places where there is community spread of COVID-19 (international and domestic locations), are asked to self-quarantine themselves and monitor for symptoms for 14 days. If symptoms, like fever, cough, or difficulty breathing are present, they should contact their local health department and health care provider for possible testing. People should call ahead before arriving at a health care facility for testing.

International Travel

Travelers returning from Level 3 (High Risk) countries (China, Iran, Italy and South Korea) will be required by the Department of Homeland Security or other governmental agencies to follow CDC After-Travel Health Precautions, to include self-monitoring from home for 14 days and social distancing.

As more countries may be declared Level 3 in the weeks ahead, international spring break travelers should be aware that they may encounter problems with re-entry into the U.S. Please continue to watch for updates to the list of Level 3 countries and be diligent about having contingency plans for travel.

Stay Informed

The situation regarding COVID-19 continues to change. While on break, continue to stay informed by regularly visiting the CDC website as it is updated daily. We also advise you to monitor and your campus email over break for updates specific to the University. UW-Green Bay will continue to monitor the situation closely, share updates and take action as needed to safeguard your well being.

Continue to stay well and stay informed. As Phoenix, we will persevere together.

Coronavirus update from UW-Green Bay and UW System leadership

The UW-Green Bay Office of the Chancellor provided coronavirus updates on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. One is a memo from Interim Chancellor Van Gruensven and the other is a Coronavirus Preparedness memo from UW-System President Ray Cross.

To: University Community
From: Sheryl Van Gruensven, Interim Chancellor
Date: March 4, 2020
Subject: UW-Green Bay Coronavirus Update, Travel and General Health Considerations


To: UW System Chancellors
From: UW System President Ray Cross
Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness


Next chancellor candidate open forum is tomorrow, Feb. 27

Mark L. Biermann
Mark L. Biermann

Mark L. Biermann, Valparaiso University provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, is the second chancellor candidate scheduled to be on campus. The open forum will be held tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 27) in Fort Howard Hall, Weidner Center for the Performing Arts from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  View Biermann’s CV (pdf).

Video Streaming is available for those unable to attend in person. Attendees may submit questions remotely to

This session offers opportunities for students, faculty, staff and community members to interact directly with the candidate. All are highly encouraged to participate in this important step in the selection process for the University’s seventh chancellor, including the opportunity to offer feedback on each candidate.

For more information, visit the Chancellor Search page.

CAHSS Oxford England Study Abroad trip

Walking in the Shoes of the Literary Greats

Keshena Hanson ’18 (English and Communication) in the dining hall of Magdalen College, Oxford.
Keshena Hanson ’18 (English and Communication) in the dining hall of Magdalen College, Oxford.
Dining halls in Harry Potter movies were inspired by those in Oxford.

Imagine walking in the shoes of such literary greats as T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll; breathing in the urban and pastoral aura that inspired some of the greatest writing works of all time. For Emily Ransom’s students, there is no need for literary flights of fancy; they’ve lived the dream.

Every summer, Ransom, a UW-Green Bay assistant professor of humanities, leads a travel course to Oxford, England. This four-week, six-credit course explores fantasy literature and poetry of authors local to the region. While doing so, they travel to the places that inspired the works and also emulate these authors’ techniques in a creative poetry writing class. “It’s an English/Humanities course” Ransom explained. “We stay at a medieval college in the heart of the city and take many excursions in Oxford and the surrounding regions.”

A typical week during the course

Class time is in the morning. First up is fantasy literature with readings and discussions of Tolkien, Lewis, Carroll and other fantasy literature authors. The second class is creative writing—studying and imitating the form, content and style of such poetic greats as Eliot and Philip Larkin. The afternoon is tour time, filled with colleges, authors’ homes and museums. Twice a week, they take part in theatrical performances and concerts. Friday trips include castles, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath or Stonehenge. Weekends are free for students to create their own experience. London is only an hour away with access to Ireland and Europe just a train passage, a shockingly-cheap flight, or a Megabus trip away.

Free to do what they want on the weekends, students need to be accounted for by Sunday night when they reconvene in the campus churchyard for a poetry reading. Each student brings one poem written by an Oxford poet and one of their own.

The experience may not transform a student into a great poet, but it is still transformative. “It’s a fully-immersive experience,” said Ransom. “Our goal is to get the students to feel at home there; for them to feel like they belong in this intellectual hotbed of talent and literary tradition.”

The results? Brilliant!

“It was only a month, but it felt so much longer because we experienced so much,” said Hannah Majewski, an English major graduating in May 2020. “The history, pub culture, architecture, museums, authors’ homes…it was all so stunning. Every morning, I would wake up, sip on a cup of tea, and look out my dorm room window (at St. Edmund Hall —known fondly as Teddy Hall). I would gaze at the medieval well in the middle of the quad. It was so old, probably built in the late 1100s. It was awe-inspiring. To be a part of so much history and intellect, if only for a month, was unforgettable.”

Oxford England study abroad tripWithin Oxford and Cambridge (aptly called the Oxbridge system) lies a network of colleges. Wherever you go, there’s a college nearby. “University is all over the city,” said Ransom. “Oxford looks exactly like it is always imagined in the writings of its authors; the sculptures, rivers, pastorals, architecture. When you’ve spent time reading the stories by these authors, it offers a strange sense of being home.”

Oxbridge system is a small, tight-knit community, Ransom explained. It provides an atmosphere of chance encounters, story sharing and intellectual conversation. “Oxford is fun, bustling and saturated with culture and beauty,” she said. “The colleges throughout the city provide a lot of green spaces, so you also get a pastoral feel that creates a quiet place of refuge.”
For students like Majewski, experiencing such a profound sense of history and place not only inspired creativity, but also changed her life. “I have a deeper appreciation and greater understanding for not only the Oxford authors, their writing and the places that inspired them, but also for the connections that appreciation and understanding continues to create in my own life.”

For Professor Ransom, the student outcomes for the course transcend literary appreciation.

“I love watching the transformation in my students. It touches them on so many levels and creates a lasting impact on their lives. These lessons are souvenirs they will keep for a lifetime. On an educational level, students can make connections from a text they read and help them problem solve. On a social level, it impacts their global consciousness and empathy toward other cultures. On a metaphysical level, it transforms their inner selves.”

From Hannah Majewski’s perspective, she found traveling to another country and time a grounding experience, connecting her to her love of literature, history, imagination and creativity. “When I feel disconnected, thinking back to that experience grounds me. It had such an impact on me that just thinking about it…the beauty, the history, the reverence, the aura…it calms me and inspires me all at the same time.”

—Story by freelance writer Kim Viduski ’92

Georgia Pacific Internship

From GB to GP: UW-Green Bay Students Turn Internship into Gainful Employment

Heading into her internship with Georgia-Pacific, Madelyn Skalecki hoped it wouldn’t be just a ‘go-fer’ coffee and bagels position. She, and intern Elizabeth Johnson got their wish.

 Madelyn Skalecki
Madelyn Skalecki, ’19 Graduate

For 12 months Skalecki was credited with an internship, but worked as a full-time employee, getting to know the company, its supply chain practices, and what each step of the supply-chain process would cost the company. The December 2019 graduate began working at Georgia-Pacific as an employee of the company’s supply chain division immediately following graduation.

For students from UW-Green Bay and managers at Georgia-Pacific, the program is a win-win. Students are able to put what they learn into practice, and managers at the company are able to recruit and retain key talent. It’s the high-impact, problem-solving approach for which the University and the Cofrin School of Business is known.

“I would be doing something in the office, and I’d think to myself ‘I remember learning this in a book,’” Skalecki said. “And then after I was finished with the internship, I’d be sitting in class during a lecture learning about something and think ‘Oh my gosh! I did this!’”

Skalecki said her past internship experiences were more like busy work. But this experience was different.

“The previous intern’s project was to create a timeline of what our team, Supply Chain Outsourcing, did on a day-to-day basis,” she said. “My project was to take the previous intern’s project and develop a time and cost analysis for it, which had not been done prior. This transformed how my team understood the impact of their day-to-day work and educated the other cross-functional teams we worked with on a daily basis. The project also provided a value-added comparative advantage for us as we are now able to test scenarios that can be more cost and time efficient.”

Jason Danforth
Jason Danforth

Skalecki’s manager, Jason Danforth, said the internship program is a way for Georgia- Pacific to create a hiring pool that the company already knows is worth the investment.

“I think the program allows our company to create a pipeline for future talent,” he said. “We look at it as a six-month interview.”

The competitive internship and co-op experiences are utilized throughout the company.

“It is definitely competitive regardless of what college or university a student comes from, but Georgia-Pacific actively recruits from UW-Green Bay and attends all its career fairs. We have different departments that attend those career fairs such as Georgia-Pacific’s transportation team called “KBX Logistics,” along with our sales team “GPXpress®,” which play the biggest roles in recruiting from the University.

Danforth has been with Georgia-Pacific for six years and a manager of the Supply Chain planning and purchasing team for more than two years. Over that time, he’s seen a number of interns go through the program that started before he began working with the company. While the program helps the interns build their professional resume and learn about working in the corporate culture, interns help the company by bringing new insight and a fresh perspective into processes as well as provide system improvements to help streamline the organization.

Jason Danforth with interns Jason Danforth with inters Elizabeth Johnson and Madelyn Skalecki and Elizabeth Johnson
Once Georgia-Pacific/UW-Green Bay interns, Madelyn Skalecki (right) and Elizabeth Johnson (left) were able to land full-time employment with the company. G-P Manager Jason Danforth (middle) says mentoring is the favorite part of his job.

“The biggest payoff for me personally has been serving as a role model and a coach for these students,” he said. “I get to not only develop their softskills, but also to develop their supply chain knowledge of processes.”

Georgia-Pacific is a worldwide leader in making tissue, pulp, packaging and building products, producing everything from paper towels to bath tissue. Danforth works in the supply chain planning and purchasing department, which supports the buying of finished goods from outside suppliers. When one of its mills is over capacity or does not have the capabilities to make a product, his team secures the finished goods from outside suppliers, then stores the inventory at Georgia-Pacific’s fulfilment warehouses for their customers. His team’s main responsibility is to manage outside supplier production requirements with domestic and international suppliers—from the purchasing of raw materials to be converted into finished good or just straight buying of finished goods.

“The internship in the supply chain of Georgia-Pacific is a six-month program that provides interns with a job offer at the end of the time period if they are successful within the program,” Danforth said.

Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Between May and November of 2019, Elizabeth Johnson served as an intern at the Georgia-Pacific plant in Green Bay. Handling day-to-day operations helped her utilize her education in business with a focus on human resources and supply chain management. After graduating in December of 2019, she took a position at the company’s Atlanta headquarters.

From there, she was assigned a mentor, also a former intern, who helped her to get acclimated to the plant and working for the company, as well as to encourage her through the process.

“When I took the internship, I didn’t think it would lead to a position,” Johnson said. “It’s been a really great opportunity. I would encourage anyone to take the chance and do it.”

– Story by freelance writer  Liz Carey

Brown County STEM Innovation Center grand opening

It’s Full STEAM Ahead with New STEM Innovation Center

There’s something truly special about this place. The brand-new 63,000-square-foot Brown County STEM Innovation Center on the UW-Green Bay campus faces south from the brow of a low hill just west of UW-Green Bay’s Laboratory Sciences building. Its horizontal stance is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style design and is surrounded by open spaces and natural vegetation.

The glass-and-steel frame suggests a modern facility with an industrial flair, open to the world, focused on the future. And that’s exactly what its inhabitants plan to deliver.

STEM Center grand opening
Brown County STEM Innovation Center Grand Opening

Inside, the lobby is sun-filled and colorful, with geometric designs on the walls and a vaulted ceiling that opens to second-floor classrooms and offices. A donor recognition wall dominates the west wall, and letters on an overhead bridge welcome you to the Richard J. Resch School of Engineering, with all of its promises.

“We see this facility as a catalyst for STEM education and business partnerships in Northeast Wisconsin,” said John Katers, dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. “We want to make this region competitive with other parts of the state and the nation in terms of innovation and sustainability. This facility has the potential to attract the faculty, students and business partners to support that vision.

“This is a $15-million facility,” he continued, “with $5 million in funding each coming from the State of Wisconsin, Brown County and private donors. “We broke ground in September 2018 and opened the doors in September 2019. That’s a really quick accomplishment for agencies like ours, and I don’t think it could have happened without the right partners.”

Co-location creates many synergistic relationships. The University of Wisconsin-Extension Brown County program shares the first floor with Brown County’s Land & Water Conservation department. These agencies often interact with the public and provide complementary programming, so having their offices close to each other enhances public access.

East of the lobby and sharing its wall of windows is a large classroom space with partitionable walls. With the walls in place, the space configures into four classrooms. Without partitions, the space can accommodate up to 120 people for collaboration, symposiums and receptions. Just around the corner marks the entrance to the offices of the Einstein Project, which provides educational curriculum and hands-on materials for teachers and students, with a focus on STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and math. The Einstein Project area includes a warehouse for the hundreds of instructional materials they distribute to school districts across the state and a “makerspace”—a place where people (including engineering students) collaborate to share tools, materials and expertise on all sorts of creative and technical endeavors.

At the east end of the second floor, overlooking the main lobby, are three dedicated laboratory classrooms, one each for fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and instrumentation and controls.


Heading west across the bridge from the engineering labs, a door leads to a small, outdoor patio on the south side of the building. The patio is surrounded by a “green roof” of groundcover-like plants. UW-Extension will maintain the green roof, and participants in its Master Gardener program will maintain the gardens surrounding the building, including   the Jim and Doris Madigan Rose Garden. Also, on the second floor, there are faculty offices and small gathering spaces for faculty-student and student-student collaboration.

Another collaborative area is an instructional kitchen shared by the extension staff and the University. The extension staff prepares food samples they take to public schools as part of their FoodShare education program, and the University conducts classes as part of its Nutritional Science and Dietetics program.

“None of us could have afforded an instructional facility of this quality by ourselves,” said Katers. “Together, though, we were able to do it. You can already see the benefits for UW-Extension, our University programs, and students from the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay also receive instruction here. Eventually, this space will support our new Masters of Nutrition and Wellness program, expected to be in place by 2021.”

Even as Katers and his partners are racing to get the facility up to full speed, they are looking to the future.

“If you noticed, the sign near the donor wall in the lobby references ‘Phoenix Innovation Park,’” said Katers. “We have another 60-plus acres of land in this area for potential use. We don’t necessarily want to develop all of it, and we don’t have a timetable in mind, but now that we’ve made this partnership work, we’re open to other long-term aspirational partners who might want to develop their research and innovation operations here.”

If you can’t visit the Brown County STEM Innovation Center in person, take advantage of an online opportunity by searching “Brown County STEM Center Virtual Tour.”

–Story by freelance writer Jim Streed ’05

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UW-Green Bay announces fall 2019 semester honors

Green Bay, Wis.—The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has made public the names of undergraduate students receiving semester honors for the fall 2019 semester. Students who earn a 4.0 grade point average, which represents all “A” grades, receive highest honors. High honors go to students earning 3.99 to 3.75 grade point averages. Honors are given to students earning 3.74 to 3.50 grade point averages. Students are listed by the county claimed as place of permanent residence. All were full-time students in the fall term, earning 12 or more credits of graded coursework. This list includes students attending all four UW-Green Bay campuses (Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc, Sheboygan).

Highest Honors


Adams — Madison Powell, Nekoosa.
Brown — Megan Thurman and Ryan Wichman, Ashwaubenon; MacKensie Bolssen, Tyler Caron, Julia Doenges, Alex Farvour, Zachary Goblisch, Michelle Hannemann, Katherine Horkman, Alexandria Keiler-Klein, Molly Kelly, Ashlee Koenig, Beth Kondro, Kerstyn Lanius, Riannon LeCaptain, Tayler McAuliffe, James Mezger, Brady Nelson, Cory Petri, Jared Ramirez, Heather Rupiper, Dalaney Steger, Richelle Vincent, and Sydney Walker, De Pere; Alexander Beaumier, Jamie Klinksick, Rachel Rabas, and Karly Skaletski, Denmark; Paige Anderson, Maria Arunkumar, Nerissa Behnke, Natalie Bird, Wayne Borowski, Alexa Bors, Jacob Champeau, Kyrsten Charles, Madeline Cichocki, Carolynn Claussen, Maria Cohen, Stephen Cole, Hannah Conard, Casey Deda, Mareah Desotelle, Emily Deyo, Garrett Dietz, Mark Domzil, Meta Ehlen, Michael Erb, Sthephany Escandell, Alix Everson, Craig Frea, Benjamin Fredeen, Jared Gagner, Anna Gehring, Renae Geimer, Emily Gerlikovski, Valeria GonzalezSarmiento, Ally Gorenchan, Sidney Grady, Maxwell Gustafson, Jacqueline Guzman, Connor Gwitt, Sara Haen, Janessa Halverson, Kelsey Hanke, Krynn Hanold, Cassandra Haupt, Erin Havela, KaZoua Her, Rebecca Hoffmann, Isabelle Hoida, Alexis Jablonski, Noah Johnson, Austin Kallies, Rick Kaske Jr, Chanjin Kim, Halle Kirchner, Kaitlin Klein, Jasmyn Kleinhans, Sarah Klemp, Eliot Klutz, Matthew Knoke, Nathan Knutson, Kara Krueger, Ya-Ching Kuo, Qiana LeSage, Hannah Luedke, Hannah Majewski, Hannah Malmberg, Kelly McDonough, Stephanie Mendez, Michelle Mironovich, Lolar Moua, Maxwel Nooyen, Isaiah O’Day, Michael Page, Rebecca Petasek, Nicole Platkowski, Jeremy Raduenz, Megan Rambo, Larry Reyes, Bradley Riddle, Erica Rollin, Megan Roshak, Nicholas Rouse, Raven Saladino, Nicholas Sanok, Cole Schabow, Emily Schmitz, Bailey Schultz, Dane Schumacher, Cassee Schuyler, Rachel Scray, Rosalyn Stoa, Harrison Thiry, Abigail Thyssen, Elizabeth Thyssen, Nolan Torres, Laura VanRemortel, Jalyssa Vanboxel, Rowan Voskuil, Alexander Wallner, Katelynn Warpinski, Samantha Williams, Nolan Wills, Jameson Wilson, Jeremiah Xiong, Mai Xiong, and Carlos Zuniga, Green Bay; McKenzie Diny, Joseph Gassner, Hayley Verbeten, and Whitney Wasmuth, Greenleaf; Justin Ferkin, Amanda Frederick, Gabrielle Lee, Isabelle Lee, and Kylie Rieder, Hobart; Jarred Glowinski and Quinn Thompson Jr, Howard; Meg Lehman, Kaukauna; Joseph Cain II, Jasper Rosenau, Charles Warren, and Emily Wuest, New Franken; Sarah Jerovetz, Pulaski; Emily Hansen, Brock Holtschlag, and McKenna Moreland, Suamico; Nikolas Sandona, Ashley Sundin, and Tiffany Theunis, Wrightstown.
Buffalo — Sara Bjorge, Fountain City.
Calumet — Myah Henderson, Julie Larsen, Mallorie Larsen, Rebecca Lehner, Alexander Paque, and Alex Wegner, Appleton; Eric Fricke and Jonathan Wittmann, Brillion; Kelly Krebsbach, Ashley Meier, Kelly Schmitz, and Victoria Wollersheim, Chilton; Abbigail Borseth, Forest Junction; Sydnee Koenigs and Carly Schaffer, Hilbert; and Jacob Thiel, New Holstein.
Chippewa — Summer Roe, Cornell.
Clark — Adam Budzinski, Abbotsford; Raquel Lopez, Dorchester; Vanessa Koopman, Loyal; and Rayle Winegarden, Neillsville.
Columbia — Erin Murray, Arlington; Elsie McElroy, Cambria; Megan Boettcher, Columbus; Caitlyn Hibner, Portage; Kameron Jennings and Brett Siedschlag, Poynette; and Kimberly Krueger, Wisconsin Dells.
Crawford — Lauren Kennedy, Prairie du Chien.
Dane — Jarrett Sutton, Deerfield; Danielle McCoy, Ellie Newman, and Ryan Ramminger, Deforest; Benjamin Gilles and Sabrina Sodermark, Madison; Rebecca Kuhl, Marshall; Ryan Johnson, Mc Farland; Jenna Christophel and Meghan Pingel, Sun Prairie; Kimberly Osborne and Kate Vanderhoef, Waunakee.
Dodge — Paul Gruenwald, Reeseville.
Door — Rachel Malcore and Natalie Marchant, Brussels; Noah Shabbit, Ephraim; Jennifer Vandertie, Forestville; Isabelle Austgen, Sister Bay; Jennifer Angeli, Jacqueline Bricco, Ashley Ellefson, Forrest Rabach, Mackenzie Schopf, and Sydney Tlachac, Sturgeon Bay.
Dunn — Erica Kinnard, Menomonie.
Eau Claire — Tanya Schmitz and Mae Sommerfeld, Eau Claire.
Florence — Tessa Merhalski, Florence; and Alyssa Plemel, Niagara.
Fond Du Lac — Allison Geerdts, Fairwater; Logan Kuether and Annie Skorupa, Fond du Lac; Mia Blatz, Mount Calvary; Kayla Russ, Oakfield; Shelby Koll and Dylon Pokorny, Waupun.
Forest — Holly Daniels, Wabeno.
Grant — Katelyn Wiegel, Boscobel; and Brody Wiest, Dickeyville.
Iron — Jenna Thompson, Hurley.
Jefferson — Lydia Downey, Lake Mills; Claire Stuart, Sullivan; Marissa Wackett, Watertown; and David Nehlsen, Whitewater.
Kenosha — Adelle Capp and Miranda Leboeuf, Kenosha; Siera Sieberth, Salem; Keegan Destree and Aryana Rita, Twin Lakes.
Kewaunee — Avery Bartels, Shannon Nessinger, Sierra Nessinger, Kaitlyn Stoller, Kirsten Talmadge, and Breanna Vandermause, Algoma;
Brittany Schmelzer, Casco; Miriam Laird, Kewaunee; Shannon Bukouricz, Mackenzie Junio, Colton Koss, Isaiah Ledvina, Erin Liebeck, Baylee Nelis, Alexis Paye, and Danae Srnka, Luxemburg; and Dennis Christoff Jr, New Franken.
La Crosse — David McDonald, La Crosse; Emily Zilliox, Onalaska; Kiana Euler, Rockland; and Abigail Tower, West Salem.
Lincoln — Emily Erickson and Cody Kleinschmidt, Merrill.
Manitowoc — Benjamin Thom, Cato; Sierra Polzin, Denmark; Jacalyn Crom, Kiel; Whitney Andrastek, Eric Brey, Emily Dawidowich, Elizabeth Emmert, Storm Hackmann, Kaytlin Harrison, Lauren Hildebrandt, Jessica Iannitello, Andrea Linsmeier, Matthew Lohr, Ethan Monka, Patrick O’Connell, Grace Risse, Corbin Robley, Rosalindae Siegfried, Taylor Walesh, Stephanie Watkins, and Zoua Xiong, Manitowoc; Leah Hansen, Maribel; Boris Bashkier and Jordan Sisel, Mishicot; Emily Fritsch, New Holstein; Elena Garcia, Alex Peters, Taylor Schreiber, Sara Soukup, and Elizabeth Tulachka, Two Rivers; and Haley Kautzer, Whitelaw.
Marathon — Tyler Kunze, Abbotsford; Sierra Schug, Athens; Kailey Durst, Leah Tauferner, and Oua Yang, Kronenwetter; Mackenzie Longdo, Marathon; Diane Le, Mosinee; Collin Kuehn and Savannah Schemenauer, Wausau.
Marinette — Chloe Mongin, Coleman; Allison Wuensch, Crivitz; Courtney Squires, Fence; Serenity Block, Emily DeForge, Matthew Kersting, Kody Klumb, Kyle Klumb, Eric Powers Jr, Dakota Vanidestine, and Rabecca Veness, Marinette; Breanne Johnson, Elizabeth Monnette, and Joni Polzin, Peshtigo; Claire Carviou and Allison Zorn, Porterfield; Jesse Meyer, Pound; and Averie Menger, Wausaukee.
Menominee — Georgie Potts, Keshena.
Milwaukee — Cassandra Fricke, Cudahy; Lauren Ekins, Greenfield; Rachel Kaschak, Eva Mora, and Tyler Wolf, Milwaukee; Anthony Fenner, Jarrod Kaczanowski, Chance Kangas, and Emily Walczak, Oak Creek; Hannah Fischer, South Milwaukee; Krystle Henry and Hannah King, West Allis; and Patrick Sicula, Whitefish Bay.
Oconto — Mallory Allen and Mara Allen, Abrams; Katelyn Krueger, Coleman; Desirae Hurning and Tara Sellen, Lena; Jasmine Gromoske and Jacob Krueger, Oconto; Tad Taggart, Oconto Falls; Samantha Faucett, Pulaski; Carly Flunker and Kelly Polzin, Sobieski; Preston Fischer, Suring; and Natasha Clark, Townsend.
Oneida — Nicholas Garcia, Hazelhurst; Jacob Piasecki and Ethan Roberts, Rhinelander.
Outagamie — Cassandra Bennett, Darsity Birling, Ellie Brighum, Kimberly Davis, Leslie Draheim, Madelyn Fromm, Nathaniel Kennis, Lori Meyer, Abigayle Mohnen, Tiffany Paalman, Courtney Rammer, Kaleb Schinschke, and Kaitlyn Sehloff, Appleton; Jacie Haas and Anna Ruedinger, Black Creek; Clarice Martell, Bonduel; Josiah Morell and Nicholas Paustian, De Pere; Michael McGuire, Lacey Springstroh, and Cameron VanCamp, Freedom; Paul St.Aubin and Jada Taylor, Greenville; Courtney Preisler and McKenzie Rasmussen, Hortonville; Sydney Barrington, Brendan Miron, and Taylor Rahn, Kaukauna; Brandon Behrendt, Mark Driessen, Marcus Falat, and Adam Jensen, Little Chute; Adriana Chacon, Shelly King, Oneida; Jake Daub, James Sopata, and Elizabeth Wix, Seymour; and Megan Coenen, Shiocton.
Ozaukee — Bailey Colber, Grafton; and Isabelle Maleki, Mequon.
Pierce — Allison Glampe, Elmwood.
Polk — Erik Rosik, Osceola.
Portage — Natasha Ockwig, Rosholt; and Kayla Lass, Stevens Point.
Price — Ashley Casey, Park Falls.
Racine — Rebecca Edwards, Union Grove; and Cameron Prailes, Waterford.
Rock — Norah Swenson, Janesville; and Kailey LeCaptain, Milton.
Saint Croix — Michael Bernard and Courtney Klatt, Hudson; and Cade Colbeth, Somerset.
Sauk — Symphanie Lynch, Baraboo; and Angelika Tylka, Wisconsin Dells.
Shawano — Patrick Brodhagen, Bonduel; Moses Makowiak, Pulaski; Mackenzie Dingeldein, Brinley Kowalkowski, and Kendra Marohl, Shawano; and Alexis Block, Wittenberg.
Sheboygan — Emily Ellenbecker, Cascade; Isabella Daniels, Cedar Grove; Amber DeAmico and Jade Henschel, Elkhart Lake; Tyler Dvorachek, Howards Grove; Joshua Konecke and Joshua LaPean, Kohler; Zana Ameti, Taunaleah Ballard, April Bub, Kelsi Engelhardt, Anna Grobschmidt, Novalee Helmer, Levi Kohlmann, Abbey Martin, Bailey Menzer, Kassidy Murphy, Jennifer Preskar, Lorrigan Puls, Victoria Rietbrock, Zachari Schroeder, Hallie Theune, Benjamin Vergunst, Kayde Warm, Alicia Yang, and Hunter Zabel, Sheboygan; Payton Benzschawel, Autumn Pitz, and Arissa Scott, Sheboygan Falls.
Taylor — Abby Schultz and Emma Schultz, Medford; and Morgan Birkenholz, Sheldon.
Vernon — Ariana Rutherford, Readstown.
Walworth — Kayla Probst, Pell Lake.
Washburn — Kayla Vrieze, Sarona.
Washington — Allyssa Rueth, Germantown; Priyanka Bharadwaj, Theresa Burakowski, and Chase Hanson, Hartford; Joslyn Mateo, Hubertus; Savanah Saskowski, Slinger; Guinevere Casper, Brittany Cassidy, Benjamin Henckel, Bailee Ramon, and Erinn Stockhausen, West Bend.
Waukesha — Madeline Yoss, Brookfield; Brittany Boehler, Butler; Richard Perschon, Delafield; Nathan Clemens, Mukwonago; Megan Laven, Muskego; Emma Gilbertson, Nashotah; Emma Anderson, Oconomowoc; Nicole Palmersheim, Pewaukee; Lori Noto, Sussex; Samuel Ryan and Stefani VandeSand, Waukesha.
Waupaca — Doniven Coenen, Madelyn Didier, and Savannah Harbath, Clintonville; Daniel Teuscher, Manawa; Madelyn Nelson, Scandinavia; Morgan Johnson and Suzanne Stuebs, Waupaca; and Amanda Loehrke, Weyauwega.
Waushara — Makenna Murkley, Berlin; and Faith Klick, Wild Rose.
Winnebago — Andrea Ponto, Fremont; Katelyn Koval, Larsen; Amanda Bertzyk, Melissa Day, and Lindsey Michlig, Menasha; Annette Cornell, Tatiana Monterrosa, McKenna Seegers, Andrew Stephani, and Rachel Terry, Neenah; William Arps, Omro; Brinley Gordon, Jacob Lammersfeld, and Heather Taylor, Oshkosh.
Wood — Marissa Spatz, Auburndale; Adam Fredrick, Marshfield; Seth Frizzell and Abigail Heil, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other States

Alabama — Andrea Pinkney, Helena.
Florida — CharlesEdward Canales, Jacksonville.
Illinois — Ananya Joshi, Elk Grove Village; AdrieneNuelle Agcaoili, Aurora; and Katherine Nagler, West Chicago; Megan Richter, Wadsworth; James Johnson, Rockford.
Indiana — Dawn Pawlak, Hammond.
Michigan — Mickenzie Romps, Escanaba; and Lexi Winling, Gladstone; Janay Walters, Kingsford;  Brittany Daigneault, Alexis Kaempf, and Jackson Marineau-VanBeek, Menominee; and Sarah Williams, Stephenson; MyKailah Siggers, Wyoming.
Minnesota — Quinn Duffy, Wyoming; Brenna Hesse and Carl Soderlund, Lakeville; Jessica Hanson, Minnetrista; Sherry Barrett, La Crescent; RaeAnn Hill, New Brighton; and Emma Sloot, Saint Paul; Mitchell Schilz, Prior Lake; Shad Kraftson, Bayport; Ryan Mead, Forest Lake; and Ciana Fragnito, Oakdale.
Ohio — Shannon Coughlin, Oregon.
Pennsylvania — Tyler Brandon, Philadelphia.
South Dakota — Anna Brecht, Rylee Boyd, Sioux Falls.


Bolivia — Juan Albis, La Paz.
Canada — Andre Baires, Winnipeg; Alexandra Zakutney, Ottawa
Germany — Lara Ketterer, Titisee-Neustadt; Julia Kramer, Giessen, Erik Benin, Lich.
Italy —  Stefania Lazzaretto, Adria.
Norway — Oda Bekkestad, Mjoendalen.
Pakistan — Tasneem Firdous, Islamabad; Fiha Ali, Karachi; Asavir Nadeem, Lahore.
Spain — Javier Marquinez, Vitoria Gasteiz.
Vietnam — Khanh Dao, Ho Chi Minh City.

High Honors


Adams — Hannah Glavin, Friendship.
Barron — Ashley Stafne, Clayton; and Samantha Soley, Rice Lake.
Bayfield — Carlyn Lowe, Washburn.
Brown — Anastasia Olp, Allouez; Gage Beck, Bryce Borowski, Nicholas Buresh, Francis Cochrane, Hannah Dernbach, Aaron Devroy, Kyle Engelmann, Hannah French, Jayce Gorski, Akanksha Gurtu, Myranda Heideman, Mackenzie Johnson, Charles Kriescher, Rachel Kyles, Nicholas Londowski, Miranda Martin, Allison Meneau, Raven Mory-Pagel, Emilee Mulhern, Brianna Pritzl, Noah Redfearn, Timothy Ruminski, Brett Schaeuble, Shoney Skenandore, Jordan Sommer, Nathan Thompson, Sage Voyles, Andrea Watkins, Zachary Wichlacz, and Andrew Willems, De Pere; Michelle Carlson, Abbey Wanek, and Hope Watzka, Denmark; Alexander Alberts, Cassandra Babcock, Rockford Beauchamp, Kathleen Borlee, Brett Borski, Mikayla Bowe, Talia Boyea, Jordan Brull, Kelly Brunner, Kelsey Bundy, Talya Cashman, Kevin Cervantes, Max Chung, Blake Cieslewicz, Jordan Cioni, Noah Cody, Elizabeth Courchaine, Matthew Courchaine, Briana Cubito, Ryan Curtice, Hannah David, Marina Delbecchi, Alyssa Dufrane, Natalie Duquaine, Hayley Eastman, Breauna Engstrom, Abigail Erb, Eden Erickson, Rachel Fletcher, Bianca Gaytan, Alyssa Goldman, Karen GonzalezAlvarez, Ryan Goretski, Nicholas Grahek, Molly Gwitt, Taylor Hall, Alexander Haney, Emma Harrill, Maxwell Hazuka, Chuenlun Ho, Deanice Hoffman, Megan Hoffman, Jessica Huguet, Kara Hurst, Ryan Jackson, Emily Jadin, Jade Jansen, Abigail Jones, Erich Kox, Jenna Laqua, Connor Ledvina, Hezly Lerma, Jared Longton, Araceli Lopez, Kirsten Lotz, Emily Macco, Majriela Macedo, Megan Malkmus, Daniel Martin, Jackson Massey, Hunter McGowan, Lese McWey, Tehya Miller, Mohamed Mohamed, Karly Murphy, Samantha Myers, Nickolas MyersOlson, Karen NavarroAcosta, Jamel Ness, Hope Neuens, Allison Nitti, Rebekah Noll, Allison Novak, Tristin O’Neill, Lillian Peterson, Levi Pfantz, Jeremiah Phillippe, Ally Piontek, Brooke Poarch, Tara Polk, Michael Pomasl, Ryan Pyatt, Laura Rath, Nicole Reiter, Joshua Ressler, Nichole Robinette, Cody Rogers, Michael Rymarcsuk III, Calvin Salmon, Amanda Schneider, Luke Schneiderwent, Cody Scholten, Julie Schwister, Ethan Scott, Taylor Seidel, Blake Seppel, Dacoda Shore, Kendra Sieracki, Ryan Simonar, Kiara Skenandore-Doxtater, Haley Smith, Alex Soper, Jasmine Stiller, Sarah Sutherland, Grace Taylor, Xavier Terrien, Anthony Tomczak, Brittney Tran, Samantha Turensky, Kayla Underhill, Carmen VanLanen, Pakou Vang, Richmond Vang, Victor Vang, Lee Werner, Alexis Wery, Amber Westergaard, Claire Westlund, Emily Wicker, Anna Wiseman, Kyle Wisniewski, A Yang, JouLee Yang, Judy Yang, Brittanie Young, Robyn Young, Mackenzie Zambon, and Daniel Zarazinski, Green Bay; Carly Reynders, Greenleaf; Jenna Carpenter, Caitlin Haynes, and Canaan Szoszorek, Hobart; Grace Stabenau and Xe Xiong, Howard; Christopher Ly, Wynona Ly, Blake Nowak, and Emma Nowak, New Franken; Zachary Bornemann, Annika Kochaver, Savannah Mikle, Shelby Murray, Amanda Rosado, Shane Sandberg, and Lindsey Winn, Pulaski; Charity Abts, Riley Beauchamp, Isaac Caelwaerts, Breanna Conrad, Kevin Dohm, Hannah Gallenberger, Kyle Gross, Caleb Hanson, Michael Jensen, Andrew Palmbach, Jordan Posvic, and Rachele Sevcik, Suamico.
Buffalo — Emily Bork, Cochrane.
Calumet — Kirstin Aebie, Michael Carreon Jr, Rebecca Kimball, and Justin Krizenesky, Appleton; Casey Schmitz, Chilton; Peyton Koppenhaver, Elkhart Lake; Elizabeth Thiel, Hilbert; Adrianna Raddatz, Menasha; Samuel Depies, Megan Rosenau, and Bradley Schroeder, New Holstein; Jacquie Hodkiewicz and Carlie LaBerge, Sherwood.
Chippewa — Jessica Eisenreich and Meghan Poulter, Chippewa Falls.
Clark — Emily Brekke, Noah Henchen, and Troy Leffelman, Neillsville.
Columbia — Carmen Hidalgo, Columbus; Cecelia Limmex and Riley Weaver, Portage; Matilda Petersen, Poynette; and Noah Samuelsen, Rio.
Crawford — Erin Sime, Ferryville.
Dane — Kiara Esser, Black Earth; Lauren Shorter, Fitchburg; Lindsey Miller and Ellen Sheskey, Madison; Leah Adler, Mazomanie;
Noah Krumenauer, Stoughton; Abby Miller, Sun Prairie; and Savannah Greiveldinger, Verona.
Dodge — Angelique Dambruch, Elizabeth Diels, Madison Jansen, Katrina Mittelstadt, and Taylor Senesac, Beaver Dam; Sydney Miller, Hartford; Presley Litterick, Horicon; Alexandra Liegl and Hailey Wallendal, Mayville; Sheila Weninger, Rubicon; Hayden Schultz, Watertown; Elizabeth Asmus, Cassandra Sauer, and Mariah Vielbaum, Waupun.
Door — Ashley Delfosse, Brussels; Juana Jauregui Jimenez and Evan Reinhardt, Fish Creek; Kayla Counard, Forestville; Kara Caldecott and Cruz Lorona, Sister Bay; Patrick Atwell, Michelle GonzalesCarmona, and Isaiah Hernandez, Sturgeon Bay.
Douglas — Sadie Hunter, Superior.
Dunn — Britney Bechel, Elk Mound; Edward Johnson, Menomonie; and Iris Shipley, Ridgeland.
Eau Claire — Kira Shiffer and Makenna Vatland, Altoona; Laura Cunningham, Keegan Dehnke, and Taylor Kegen, Eau Claire.
Fond Du Lac — Samuel Holzmann, Campbellsport; Andrea Cornett, Carter Crowley, Bennett Feudner, Joseph Karrmann, Jena Krueger, Nicole Krueger, Grace Pechman, and Brady Sarauer, Fond du Lac; Samantha Simon, Malone; Makenna Pucker and Brittany Wiese, Rosendale.
Forest — Zoe Bonack, Hope Dewing, and Erin Howerton, Crandon.
Grant — Noah Lakeman, Dickeyville; Samantha Vondrum, Lancaster; and Jeffrey Anderson II, Muscoda.
Green — Kajen Medenwaldt, Brodhead.
Green Lake — Carly Augustynowicz, Markesan.
Iron — Cory Gresham, Hurley.
Jackson — Madison Markee, Black River Falls.
Jefferson — Alyssa Hannam, Fort Atkinson; Abigail Stephenson, Johnson Creek; Kendra Moe, Waterloo; Kayla Belfield, Omar Gallegos, and Jasmine Miller, Watertown.
Juneau — Ryan Fisher, Camp Douglas.
Kenosha — Chloe Masi, Kenosha; Jacob Lau and Madelyn Skalecki, Trevor.
Kewaunee — Brianna Nichols, Hunter Paplham, and Avery Robinson, Algoma; Noah Hanmann and Mackenzie Ronsman, Casco; Andrea Drouse, Benjamin Kopetsky, and Katarina Stojanovic, Kewaunee; Samantha Giltner, Cassidy Hibbard, Haley Marks, Cassie Schiltz, Brooklyn Simonar, and Owen Simonar, Luxemburg.
La Crosse — Ashlyn Arneson, La Crosse.
Lafayette — Derek Flannery, Argyle; and Payton Heinberg, Darlington.
Langlade — Kira Ashbeck, Kamri Grant, Madelynn Marvin, Hannah Nonnenmacher, and Cassie Wiegert, Antigo; and Jessica Kessler, Bryant.
Lincoln — McKenzie Reimann, Merrill.
Manitowoc — Kyle Loose, Jordan Meyer, and Samuel Vogel, Kiel; Jonathan Christensen, Samual Evanoff, Kylie Forster, Dakota Graff, Jared Heinzen, Mailee Her, Bailey Hetue, Andrew Kim, Tyler Klackner, KaZoua Kue, Elizabeth Landon, Travis Lehman, Sierra Maes, Savory McGee, Tanner Nate, Thayne Neumann, Gwendolyn Olson, Matthew Pawlowski, Rachel Quistorf, Aaron Reel, Camden Shulander, Sean Stalvey, Alexander Stubbe, and Evelyn Tapia-Campuzano, Manitowoc; Wynnafred Bonde and Brynn Tackett, Mishicot; Luke Oltmanns, Reedsville; Bailey Boettcher, Ethan Christiansen, Tiana Johnson, Leah Klansky, Shauna Rafferty, Mackenzie Salta, Savanna Spaeth, and Aneesha Zunker, Two Rivers; Brooke Schuler, Valders; Samuel Dvorak, Eliza-Mae Suchan, and Kayla Witak, Whitelaw.
Marathon — Kylie Linke, Hatley; Alan Vang, Schofield; Kallie Reckner, Spencer; Kaylee Hollatz, Stratford; Ethan Preu, Alexander Swope, and Misty Wolff, Wausau.
Marinette — Becky Berry, Lexus Bretl, Nikki Hakanen, Mariah McDonough, Paige Minton, Jordyn Nicklaus, Allison Wagner, and Christopher Walker, Marinette; Madison Bjorkman and Ethan Blagec, Niagara; Jordan Jones, Katelyn Junak, Abigail Marquardt, Olivia Smith, and Viola Smith, Peshtigo.
Marquette — Connor Heinz, Neshkoro.
Milwaukee — Carly Herda, Bayside; Emma Jarumbo, Franklin; Prasanthika Fernando, Glendale; Eric Hauenstein and Natalie Hoffman, Greenfield; Leslie Andrade, Jada Davis, Richard Davis, Savannah Krznarich, Daniela MontesDeOca, and Josephine Sielen, Milwaukee;
Morgan Johnson and Bailey Stewart, Oak Creek; and Micalah Taylor, West Allis.
Monroe — Marissa Fletcher, Sparta.
Oconto — Heaven Winter, Abrams; Raquel Riemer, Cecil; Cody Van Hoff, Coleman; Adam Gordon, Riley Skarda, and Ellen Sohrweide, Oconto; Taylor Markiewicz, Kraig Patenaude, and Josiah Schoen, Oconto Falls; Chelsey Gilson, Katie Nowak, and Hunter Wilinski, Sobieski; and Dylan Kasper, Suring.
Oneida — Lauren Rosendahl, Bailey Strutz, and Nicholas Wagler, Rhinelander; and Teanna Fultz, Woodruff.
Outagamie — Colleen Cline, Anna Cudney, Hallie Dix, Mariah Gamez, Kristin Havel, Cade Koschnik, Dalton Lehrer, Melissa Meinheit, Matthew Mitchell, Xiomara Posselt, Mackenzie Ringer, Kate Sorebo, Taylor Tushoski, and Kirsten White, Appleton; Carissa Salter and Amanda Shepard, Black Creek; Brooke DeGoey, Freedom; James Kellerman and Emily Lautenschlager, Greenville; Jacob Bovee, Mariah Lorfeld, and Kristen Shaver, Hortonville; Sky Becker, Erika Cortes, Micaela Fafnis, and Elyse Lemke, Kaukauna; Luke Uphill and Lauryn Wilcox, Kimberly; Steven Herbst, Angela Lowe, and Jessica Missall, Little Chute; Karissa Anderson and Peyton Bauman, Shiocton.
Ozaukee — Kira Boehnlein, Alexander Duquaine, and Jessica Lybek, Belgium; Lauren Miller and Grace Tahtinen, Cedarburg; Madisyn Phillips, Port Washington; Chase Kraus and Danielle Lemke, Saukville.
Pepin — Hannah Prissel, Durand.
Portage — Emma Wallace, Almond; Reese Eckenrod-Snyder and Anna Zajakowski, Stevens Point.
Price — Jacinda Pritzl, Park Falls.
Racine — Quinne Herolt, Burlington; Jennifer Cruz and Kylie Rivers, Racine; and Jason DeBrabander, Union Grove.
Richland — Chay Schmitt, Richland Center.
Rock — Joshua Sagona, Lauren Schaefer, and Stormy Staskal, Beloit; Victor Hayek, Edgerton; Haley-Jo Whiteaker, Evansville; Olivia Heilman, Cynthia Meier, and Isis Oleston, Janesville; and Lindsay Fanning, Milton.
Rusk — Sadie Groothousen, Tony.
Saint Croix — Rebecca Peterson, Glenwood City; and Brandon Byrne, Hammond.
Sauk — Katherine Bruni, Baraboo; and Rebecca Schwerman, Reedsburg.
Shawano — Cassie Andraschko, Birnamwood; Ashlyn Schnell, Bonduel; Zachary Olson and Nicole Waters, Bowler; Meghan Hoffman and Emily Krause, Clintonville; Amber Brown, Leopolis; Moriah Griesbach and Logan Lukasik, Pulaski; Justin Adams, Alyssa DeWall, Alicia Hanson, Addison Lewis, Melinda Mensen, River Otradovec, and Gabrielle Tuma, Shawano.
Sheboygan — McKayla Kertscher, Howards Grove; Rachel Nett, Rachel Rice, and Justin Sonnentag, Oostburg; Benjamin Bilyk, Keith D’Amato, and Sara Kroneck, Plymouth; Rachel Allen and Jenna Bares, Random Lake; Jimmel Arneson, Sarah Belitz, Tiffany Chang, Lucas Haen, James Kaat, Elena Kieckhafer, Jennifer McKnight, Ethan Najacht, Boris Ristivojevic, Betty Rose-Ackley, Alexandra Solis, and Jacob Willadsen, Sheboygan; Sydney Federer and Emma Luedtke, Sheboygan Falls.
Taylor — Erin Probst, Rib Lake.
Vilas — Ashley Gardner, Saint Germain.
Walworth — Lauren Russell and McKenzie Swantz, Burlington; Morgan Courier, Delavan; and Angelina Hulman, Lake Geneva.
Washington — Emily Wolf, Allenton; Lauren Campbell, Hartford; Karlie Powers, Hubertus; Kaylee Prange, Richfield; Samuel Friedemann and Alix Larson, Slinger; Nicole Blawat, Miriam Casper, Zachary Schneider, Jordan Singer, and Megan Swope, West Bend.
Waukesha — Maria Piotrowski and Sophia Sikowski, Brookfield; Mackenzie Antos, Eagle; Samuel Sternitzky, Elm Grove; Scott Owen, Embarrass; Aaron Brasfield, Macayla DeVries, and Caleb Smith, Menomonee Falls; Dominic Zawacki, Mukwonago; Keely Palmer and Madison Rundell, Muskego; Elissa Gilbertson, Nashotah; Jordan Arthur and Briana Bredfeld, New Berlin; Meghan Hoerl, Victoria Krcmarik, and Amanda O’Malley, Oconomowoc; Daniel Markano, Sussex; Theodore Evert and Madeline Holcomb, Waukesha.
Waupaca — Nicole Seefeldt, Bear Creek; Kelsey Keller and Rebecca VanAsten, Clintonville; Jacob Brickey, Zachary Kriesel, and Matthew Wepner, Manawa; Emily Anderson, Destiny Douglas, and Haley Lewallen, New London; Jazmine Berger and Brynn Rasmussen, Waupaca.
Waushara — Brittney Meyer, Berlin; and Hannah Bunde, Wautoma.
Winnebago — Hayley Feavel, Menasha; Alyssa Barnes, Annie Czech, Brenna Helms, Rachael Kinjerski, Shelby Snell, Brendan Vatne, and Abby Wisneski, Neenah; Nathan Erck, Omro; Kyle Flunker, David Loukidis, and Madison Winchell, Oshkosh.
Wood — Angela Green and Danielle Wolf, Marshfield.

Other states

Alaska — Payton Johnson, Chugiak; Keziah Whipple, Palmer.
Arizona — Jenna Vaaler, Sierra Vista; William Schlitz, Phoenix.
California — Megan Fuhrmann, El Cajon.
Illinois — Jack Ludwig, Chicago; Kiana Bennett, Naperville; Fawn Schultz, Geneseo; Calli Gentry and Jamison Yoder, Saint Charles; Sarah Lesniak, McHenry; Trevor Warczak, Algonquin; Allison Shields, Freeport; Marissa Mertens, Washington; Kassidy Collins, Danville; Greta Thompson, Plainfield.
Indiana — Rebecca Radtke, Hebron.
Kansas — Logan Johnsen, Louisburg.
Michigan — Jordan Sopjes, Dorr; Kathleen Stephenson, Gladstone; Jamie Child, Iron River; Eric Wesolowski, Grand Rapids; Jacob Anglehart, Sarah Barrette, Isabella Berger, Jonah Cole, Kendell Klatt, Mariah Maas, and Valeriy Melnyk, Menominee.
Minnesota — Riley Darling, Lindstrom; Samuel Myers, White Bear Lake; Jessica Matteson, Woodbury; Derrick Prenot, Winona.
North Dakota — Courtney Spain, Minot.
South Dakota — Elizabeth Christian, Spearfish.
West Virginia — Alex Johnson, Morgantown.


Canada — Ivan Radomirovic, Burlington.
Switzerland — Estelle Vanthier, Geneva.
Germany — Theresa Werner, Ahnatal; Selina Rieger, Fuldabrueck; Paul Mues, Wolfen; Emily Pfeiff, Darmstadt;
Denmark — Adam Mansa, Frederiksberg C.
Spain — Cesar RoperoIbaaez, Leon.
Finland — Roosa Turunen, Hameenlinna Kanta-Hame.
France — Celine Massereau, Issoudun.
Greece — Zoi Sherolli, Athens.
Japan — Nao Kodama, Hachioji.
New Zealand — Satchel Benn, Wellington.
Sweden — MiaClara Momats, Orebro.
Turkmenistan — Aygul Garryyeva, Ashgabat.
Zimbabwe — Kimberley Kaome, Harare.



Adams — Trevor Tuttle, Adams.
Ashland — Kayla Plucinski, Ashland.
Barron — Dylan Anderson, Comstock.
Brown — Kyle Willems, Ashwaubenon; Kassandra Baeten, Elizabeth Baldwin, Emily Barnes, Stephanie Bauer, Riley Brantmeier, Cory Carter, McKenzie Coppo, Aaron Cornelius, Alison Dorn, Cody Drake, Erik Elliott, Jordan Finlay, Byron GarciaOrtiz, Tyler Gottfredsen, Mackenzie Hemauer, Mason Hendricks, Jason Hill, Eric Kmieciak, Kaelen Kurtzweil, Srisawang Lee, Kimberly McAuliffe, Paige Moeller, Courtney Nuckles, Kristin Schlorf, Serena Siudzinski, Timothy Smith, Emily Song, Neela Worthington, and Malia Zoglman, De Pere; Robyn Krueger, Denmark; Nada Abdi, Breanna Adamczak, Anthoni Ahnen, Ethan Ahnen, Maya Alvarado, Haley Arellano, Elizabeth Arvey, Isaiah Ayres, Morgan Baerenwald, Alison Bahena, Jennifer Barnes, Abbie Basteyns, Michaela Bayerl, Nallely Berumen, Rhya Bleser, Charles Borabon, Bryce Bradison, Josephine Bruss, Mandi Burrows, Jordan Charles, Nicholas Couillard, Charlie Croxford, RandiJo DeGrave, Kyle Deacy, Cody Decker, Lydia Delikat, Annissa Derbique, Bailey Deyoung, Griffin Dinse, Brandon Dishaw, Wade Druar, Melissa Duncan, Haley Ebinal, Alexandra Elbe, Morgan Emmel, Mitchell Erickson, Miranda Esser, Zion Estano, Jeremiah Flanigan, Julia Fox, Sierra Froemming, Abigail Gegare, Mason Geib, Nathaniel Giese, Colin Glowinski, Kevin Gonzalez, Danielle Gottfried, Christopher Gromowski, Faith Gross, Michelle Haapala, Andrew Harsh, Brittany Hartford, Rachel Hays, Trysten Hazen, Nicholas Heitman, Ashleigh Henrickson, Maxwell Herrick, Justice Hilgart, Aaron Hill, Kevin Ho, Charrey Honkanen, Christopher Hopkins, Elizabeth Howard, Molly Hurrish, Cadil Hussein, Molly Jahn, Randall Jeske, Alexander Johnson, Natalia Kedzierski, Muriel King, Jackson Kispert, David Konitzer, Gary Kostuch, Jordan Krueger, Madison Kudick, RemiAnn Lade, Kelly Lamas, Hannah Lancelle, Chloe Ledvina, Amandah Lee, Cheizong Lee, Diana Leon, Loschue Lo, Anahy Lopez, Kelsey Margelofsky, Jacob Marifke, Eila Mathias, Amanda Matuszewski, Samantha Matuszewski, Meagan Maupin, Madelyn McDermott, Kassie McKeefry, Sara Micoliczyk, Brooke Modjewski, MohamedAmin Mohamed, Makayla Nelson, GiaHuy Nguyen, Brett Nimz, Logan O’Leary, Nickolas Olp, Zachary Olson, Janet Peaches, Carlos PerezMartinez, Alexa Peterson, Emily Pingel, Katherine Platten, Valerie Ploeckelman, Emilie Pludeman, Ryan Rickard, Madelyn Rohr, Kendra Rosenthal, Kristina Safford, Meghan Sanders, Isaiah Schaefer, Kelsey Schuchart, Joseph Schuh, Charlee Sheraden, Gina Shimon, Carlos Sierra, Samantha Simon, Mandi Spicer, Brett Stanzel, Halee Stewart, Lucas Stieber, Brody Stitz, Skyler Strandberg, Shawn Taylor, DeAndre Theisen, Mary Thompson, Mads Thuestad, Eric Tikhonov, Alissa Tisdale, Azee VanBellinger, Abby VandenElzen, Makenzie VandenElzen, Sydney Vandenbusch, Annie Vang, Jordan Volkman, Tabetha Ward, Ryan Weber, Gabriel Weiler, Cami Wery, Jordan Westfall, Audrey Wilson, Rebekah Witte, Alexander Wojta, Angel Wolske, Mai Xiong, Kyla Yeadon, Tiffany Young, and Aili Zirkle, Green Bay; Katelyn VandeHei, Greenleaf; Kailee Kryger, Hobart; Trisha Thill, Howard; Madison Edinger, Kaukauna; Matthew DeGuelle, Chelsea Dekeyser, Gabrielle Frankow, Reagan Ragsdale, Alexis Smith, and Amanda Smith, New Franken; Ashley Hunter, Oneida; Lydia Pionek, Pulaski; Elizabeth Blindauer, Nathan Gillaume, Natalie Grathen, Emily Joppe, Chiara Loreti, and Calla Wise, Suamico; and Hannah Smith, Wrightstown.
Calumet — Beyonce Moua, Maria Padilla, Megan Reinke, Gwynn Sanders, Brittanie Verbeten, and Kiana Xiong, Appleton; Josie McDaniel and Mariana Vargas, Brillion; Caitlynne Siech, Chilton; Katharina Keller, Forest Junction; Johanna Kersten, Hilbert; Tabatha Zwicky, Menasha; and Lindsey Casper, New Holstein.
Chippewa — Emma Urick, Bloomer; Ashli Fox and Jenna Schemenauer, Chippewa Falls; and Cora LaMarche, Stanley.
Clark — Zachary Needham, Chili; Kora Reynolds, Dorchester; Lisa Smith, Granton; Madelyn Koprek and Alex Langreck, Neillsville.
Columbia — Lauren Blumenthal, Columbus; Sarah Bock and Kaeci Buettner, Lodi; Bailey Anderson, Ashley Spink, and Melissa Trago, Portage; and Danielle Bagwell, Rio.
Crawford — Jacob Lenzendorf, Prairie du Chien.
Dane — Georgi Stafslien, De Forest; Megan Brown, Caitlin Curtis, Brandon Juno, and Gregory Pithan, Madison; Victoria Kalscheur, Mount Horeb; Kaitlyn Partridge, Sun Prairie; and Kallie Knueppel, Verona.
Dodge — Caleb Deering, Ashley Kulka, Zachary Kulka, and Brienna Landsness, Beaver Dam; McKayla Krenz, Burnett; Jackie Anthes, Columbus; Kelsey Flaskrud, Horicon; Ashley McLain, Sarah Miller, and Cassandra Peltier, Juneau; Paige Persha and Matthew Schellinger, Mayville; Abigail Schwartzmiller and Brenna Wolff, Theresa; Mackenzie Klug, Brandon Margelowsky, and Caleb Schulz, Waupun.
Door — Jennifer Leonard, Baileys Harbor; Hunter Falish, Brussels; Raymond-Jefferson Sindac, Egg Harbor; Bailey Tlachac, Forestville; Payton Pluff, Sister Bay; Adam Ahrens, Mary Barlas, Wattana Chairin, Stephanie Goetz, Kelly Lewens, Sarah Maggle, Esther Nalukwago, and Elliott Seiler, Sturgeon Bay.
Eau Claire — Nikita Bhakta, Mary Glittenberg, Benjamin Redman, and Ryan Schuh, Eau Claire.
Fond Du Lac — Elizabeth Rindt, Campbellsport; Garrett Clary, Kyle Malzhan, Olivia Sa — lm, Aaron Schmitz, and Eric Wuest, Fond du Lac; Alan Burkart and Abigail Lefeber, Malone; Gabriel Moore, Rosendale; and Noah Knueppel, Waupun.
Green — Kylie Schafer-Perkins, Brodhead.
Green Lake — Benjamin Denk, Markesan.
Iowa — Alexis Bauer and Kaitlyn Laufenberg, Dodgeville.
Jackson — Madeline Bergerson, Black River Falls.
Jefferson — Benjamin Dresdow, Fort Atkinson; Emma Hans, Jefferson; Lauren Felder, Lake Mills; Evan Holzhueter, Waterloo; and Alek Lapp, Watertown.
Kenosha — Adelia Mahaffee, Burlington; Miranda Rios, Kenosha; and Kayla Cox, Pleasant Prairie.
Kewaunee — Cassandra Dart, Daniela GomezPatino, Elizabeth McClure, Raymond Shaw, and Casey Stangel, Algoma; Jena Berceau, Travis Boulanger, Jared Lemens, and Ross Lemens, Casco; Sydney Kruse, Anton Kubetz, and Maryssa Paulsen, Kewaunee; Brandi Charles, Eliceli Contreras, Kristopher Kanzenbach, and Hunter VandeWater, Luxemburg.
La Crosse — Kyle Hansen and Alicia Krause, La Crosse.
Langlade — Morgana Smith, Bryant; Kaitlyn Paulsen, Summit Lake; and Amy Heistad, White Lake.
Lincoln — Cameron Curry, Merrill; and Camryn Swan, Tomahawk.
Manitowoc — Madelynn Krueger, Collins; Victor Forslund and Amber Honnef, Denmark; Amanda Hartlaub, Kaitlyn Horneck, and Jan-Marie Matthysse, Kiel; Alaric Allen, Emily Bernhardt, Maria Bieberitz, Courtney Braun, Olivia Claybrook, Tanner Dokey, Alexander Frink, Emily Gamez-Khail, Gabriel Guzman, Alexandra Hang, Chrystal Hansen, Alivia Juul, Brittany Kostichka, Sunny Lee, Logan Maedke, Daniel Martinez, Tyler McCoy, Emily Miller, Sebastian Nienow, Tyler Olson, Ted Rahmlow, Jayden Schroeder, Laken Schultz, Vullnet Selimi, Thomas Troyer, Elizabeth Watkins, Arnie Xiong, Xai Xiong, and Larissa Zeddies, Manitowoc; Brianna Bohm, Morgan Meissner, Bailey Page, Sierra Siders, Elijah Stonebraker, and Jordan Wolfe, Mishicot; Shannon Fenlon, Josette Ott, and Gena Pekarske, Reedsville; Brianna DeVries, Clayton Denis, Garrett Gleichner, Gabriella Heinen, Sarah Nowak, Brooke Payette, Madelyn Polich, Jolyn Schleis, Megan Wanserski, Kristin Wautier, and Nickolas Wiedemann, Two Rivers; Emily Faber, Valders; Allison Abts, Jacob Gomm, and Nicholas Ruzek, Whitelaw.
Marathon — Autumn Schreiner, Abbotsford; Kolby Jensen, Dorchester; Griffin Magee, Eland; Cassady Damitz, Hatley; Tanner Dallman, Marathon; Jared Novitzke, Mosinee; Justin Mulder, Ringle; Henry Allen, Alyssa Fritsche, Gloria Galicia, Choua Her, Gendaya Walker, and Brooke Williams, Wausau; Cady Kelnhofer, Michael Marshall, Zachary Mizgalski, Dorene Sanchez, and Rachel Sankey, Weston.
Marinette — Autumn Washuleski, Coleman; Shane Bauer, Raina Mertz, Rebecca Sturm, and Zachary Walters, Crivitz; McKenna Berth, Kianna Bulin, Madison Corey, Jaclyn DeMeuse, Abigail Fendryk, Dylan Huhtala, Matthew Schweiger, Jason Slawinski, and Mckenzie Sulk, Marinette; Sydney Weber, Niagara; Camryn Biegler, Logan Falk, Meghan Finger, Jonathan Hastings, Benjamin Pepper, Teja Tonn, and Kailyn Wiegman, Peshtigo; Darius Jennings, Abbie Lindbom, and Dalton Menger, Wausaukee.
Menominee — Sophia Holstrom, Keshena; and Paula Wilber, Shawano.
Milwaukee — Alison Denecke, Brown Deer; Maria Romfoe, Cudahy; Courtney Matschke, Franklin; Makayla Goodman, Steven Marsho, Russell Mason, Cassandra Matte, Caitlin Nelson, and Jada Patterson, Milwaukee; Briana Deschaine, Megan Drzadinski, and Brianna Duff, Oak Creek; Kaitlyn Rhyner, River Hills; Charlotte Berg, Shorewood; Corbin Stelloh, Wauwatosa; Greggory Palkowski and Megan Wandschneider, West Allis.
Oconto — Brittany Fetterly and Mark Fischer, Gillett; Samuel Abegglen, Krakow; Berkley Dolata and Jasey Jicha, Lena; Marlaina Baker, Cole Bertrand, Alex Jensen, and Kailey VanLanen, Little Suamico; Brady Bostedt, Jenna Harske, Harrison Hintz, and Jennifer Tingle, Oconto; Loryn Radke and Samantha Strickland, Oconto Falls; Faith Lambert, Pulaski; Hannah Behnke and Travis Squires, Sobieski; Caleb Lally and James Stankevitz, Suring.
Oneida — Brock Walkowski, Eagle River; Kayla Crump and Nicholas Larson, Rhinelander.
Outagamie — Daysi Casillas, Sydney Cook, Nathan Gebert, Alexa Hietpas, Sydney Host, Holly Krabbe, Delaney Langenberg, Ashley Perket, Draken Schneider, Matthew Schuh, Ka Vang, and Samantha Verhagen, Appleton; Cory Gruendemann, Black Creek; Riley Genke, Paige Green, and Erin Witt, Freedom; Zachary Borns and Joshua Yahr, Greenville; Evan Gilbert, Hortonville; Autumn Bartelt, Anne Buchholz, Kevin Grondahl, Ciara Krowas, Emily Rogers, Shaela Romenesko, Olivia West, Ashley Willes, and Christian Worzalla, Kaukauna; Joshua Berens, Brittany Demro, and Ethan Hoffman, Kimberly; Skyler Douglas, Little Chute; Oliva Anda and Christopher Much, New London; Jordan Blohm, Miranda Moeller, Zachary Potter, and Riley Volkman, Seymour.
Ozaukee — Sarah Burmesch, Hailey Lanser, and Elizabeth Stemwell, Belgium; Elena Hurley, Cedarburg; Mackenzie Mueller, Fredonia;
Arionna Loughlin and Elise Lueck, Grafton; Thomas Pasher, Mequon; Jacob Rogers, Port Washington; and Andrew Duncan, West Bend.
Pierce — Michael Vitt, River Falls.
Portage — Zachary Schulfer, Custer; Nathaniel Disher, Drew Doebereiner, Ryan Guay, Mckinley Lentz, and Kendra Lepper, Stevens Point.
Price — Kelcy Lind, Brantwood.
Racine — Erin Penzel, Burlington; Haille Bocek, Riley Brunner, Carly Dow, Guillermo Gomez Jr, Krysta Venegas, and Lindsay Wakefield, Racine.
Richland — Nolan Moore, Richland Center.
Rock — Shontrea Hogans, Beloit; Alexis Miller, Brodhead; Hayden Barlass, Brooklyn; Sawyer Sendelbach, Evansville; Tara Jackson, Janesville; and Morgan Darr, Milton.
Rusk — Autumn Ducommun, Ladysmith.
Saint Croix — Victoria Henderson, Baldwin; Rachael Poirier, New Richmond; and Allie Trautmiller, Somerset.
Sauk — Emily Miller, Reedsburg; and Dalton Fandrich, Sauk City.
Sawyer — Donald Paul Jr, Winter.
Shawano — Camryn Harland and Ivy Martin, Bonduel; Brooke Breitrick, Bowler; Eric Schmidt, Gresham; Isaac Vandehei and Joel Vandehei, Krakow; Katelyn Walgurski, Pulaski; Madeline Stuewer and Curtis Wilhelmi, Shawano; and Eloise Williamson, Wittenberg.
Sheboygan — Alexis Schaub, Cascade; Vanessa Depies, Nicole Jerabek, Thaddaeus Jurgilanis, Aaron Veldhorst, and Kaitlin Wieberdink, Cedar Grove; Claire Feldmann and Bailey Kestell, Elkhart Lake; Aric Jump, Howards Grove; Jacob Eernisse, Jamie Kaat, Skylar Ternes, and Trevor Wisse, Oostburg; Erin Falk, Sawyer Hering, JunJie Huang, and Hope Landgraf, Plymouth; Kasey Campbell, Amanda Chavez, Katherine Drews, Gabrielle Enriquez, Kelsey Gosse, Matthew Gruetzmacher, Allyson Haefke, Connor Hamann, Aliya Hammer, Bailey Harrington, Katie Hildebrand, Alexis Kerr, Klohie Kuehne, Nicholas Larson, Nathaniel Manteufel, Amanda Meyer, Preston Meyer, Hannah Mohoric, Sylvia Navarro, Ashleigh Olson, Anette Ramirez, Brittany Reyna, Danielle Rice, Vanessa Sager, Gabrielle Scheuren, Dylan Schmidt, Tyson Schuchardt, Matt Seger, Autumn Smith, Jaclyn Stielow, PaChia Thao, Hannah Tousey, Hunter-Rae Wendlandt, Ma Xiong, and Rose Xiong, Sheboygan; Kylie Gierach, Brianna Kleckner, Jared Marshall, Colin O’Dwanny, Beth Schueffner, and Brianna VanWyk, Sheboygan Falls.
Taylor — Desirae Weissmiller, Medford.
Trempealeau — Cassidy Mercer, Arcadia.
Vernon — Macenzie Hanson, Ferryville.
Vilas — Alexander Gengler and Langdon Langhoff, Eagle River; and Alexa Gutierrez, Land O Lakes.
Walworth — Dylan Kelly, Genoa City; and Alayna Mikulski, Whitewater.
Washburn — Tressa Lundsten, Hayward.
Washington — Brook Herbst, Allenton; Antonio Allison, Emily Doran, and Tanner Rattray, Germantown; Kylie Heling, Hubertus; Grace Merkt, Kewaskum; Ashton-Brittany Choma, Nathan Craighead, Julia Kreitzer, Emily Schmitt, Leah Schrank, Taylor Smith, and Benedict Tennies, West Bend.
Waukesha — Gabrielle Heier, Colgate; Hope Horne, Dousman; Paige Benavides, Genesee Depot; Max Crnkovich, Hartland; Hailey Olson, Mukwonago; Nicole Khoury, Clare Krupar, Brenna Nicholson, and Ryan Schauer, Muskego; Silvy Bruette, Oconomowoc; Joseph Verhaagh, Pewaukee; Natalie Pena, Sussex; Addison Hunter, Mariah Monasterio, and Cory O’Donnell, Waukesha.
Waupaca — Kristine Hansen, Shelby Keller, Taylor Schlomann, and Shelby Steenbock, Clintonville; Madelynn Russ, Iola; Kylie Rosenau, Manawa; Emily Sawall, Marion; Victoria Blum and Rachael Pietro, New London; and Mackenzie Morey, Waupaca.
Waushara — Samuel Langenfeld, Hancock; and Angela Kowalewski, Wild Rose.
Winnebago — Zachary Kovach, Appleton; Trever Bump, Larsen; Madeline Brown, Kayla Erickson, Rebekah Knoke, Maxwell Kurilla, Alexandra Stebane, Naomy Tangness, and Kyle VandeVenter, Menasha; Michael Arndt, Chloe Bigalke, Maxwell Boehnlein, Scott Grassmann, Spencer Juchniewich, Breanne Klockzien, McKennah Matulle, Morgan Miller, and Isabel Taubel, Neenah; Jacob Derenne, Caelyn Jischke, and Whitney Tank, Oshkosh; and Deion Loskot, Winneconne.
Wood — Cassandra Joosten, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other States

Alabama — Neda Mobasher, Madison.
California — Alexa Bentley, San Jose.
Florida — Mia Melnizki, Miami; Shannon Saunders, Ponte Vedra.
Iowa — Xoe Etling, Altoona; and Anna Liu, Des Moines.
Illinois — Ashley Sledge, Matteson; and Morgan Bihun, Schaumburg; Nicholas Nordman, Lisle; Alejandra Vargas, West Chicago; and Lucian Lang, Wheaton; Marissa Lung, Roodhouse; Carolyn Hovious, Saint Charles; Kelly Herrin, Beach Park; Natalie Osterhaus, Chadwick; Sydney Gille and Amy Selover, Rockton; and Jillian Eilers, Winnebago.
Indiana — Hunter Crist, Cicero; Carissa Seying and Catherine Seying, Indianapolis; Jessica Stewart, Knox.
Kansas — Jay Strieby Jr, Cummings.
Michigan — Kelsey Wagner, Iron Mountain; Isabella Morrow and Kimberly Thomas, Kingsford; and Alyssa Moln, Norway; Ethan Maule, Daggett; Kyle Harding, Cassidy MacArthur, and Tuan Tran, Menominee; and Caitlin Christophersen, Wallace.
Minnesota — Noah Nei, East Bethel; Taylor Wolf, Waconia; Shawn Riedesel and Lyndsey Robson, Burnsville; Ian Ivens, Champlin; and Theresa Tebon, Minnetonka; Ryan Atkins, New Prague; Abrahm Hill, Rochester; Miles Rohrbaugh, Duluth; Nicole Emery, Savage; Mikayla Hansen, Elk River; Cory Rouw, Saint Cloud.
New Jersey — Hannah Marcher, Hackettstown.
Texas — Vanessa McGinnis, Jarrell.


Australia — Tiana Glazbrook, Adelaide; Marcus DelVecchio, Maroubra; Lachlan Napier, South Perth.
Azerbaijan — Mirza Mustafayev, Baku.
Brazil — Bruna Muraca, indaiatuba.
China — Zeyu Yan, Guiyang.
Germany — Paula Schulte, Duisburg; Henry Ely, Wiesbaden.
Spain — Diego NovoaGonzales, Leon.
India — Dipin Wadhwa, New Delhi.
Malaysia — Peyshyuan Loo, Kuantan.
Pakistan — Dheraj Behram, Lohore.
Tunisia — Arij Chetoui.

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