Welcome new UW-Green Bay employees!

A time honored annual tradition at UW-Green Bay’s Faculty and Staff Convocation was more difficult this year—welcoming and recognizing our new employees. Not even headshots could be accommodated, as in-studio headshots have been placed on hold, for now. But we do have a list of 91 new employees who started with our four-campus community since last year at this time. Please welcome them if given the opportunity:

Name Title Department Start Date
Tricia Adams Performing Arts Coordinator Music/Theatre & Dance 9/4/19
Benjamin Ahearn Network Administrator IT Network & Systems 9/23/19
Erik Aleson Associate Director of Facilities Management Facilities Management 2/25/20
Ali AlQahtani Assistant Professor – Computer Science Resch School of Engineering 8/24/20
Michael Aschinger Police Officer Police Department 7/20/20
Dhanamalee Bandara Assistant Professor – Statistics Resch School of Engineering 1/3/20
Nicole Becker Advising & Recruitment Specialist (Manitowoc) Academic Advising 3/23/20
Paul Belanger Lecturer – Writing Foundations Humanities 8/24/20
Miriam Brabham Multicultural Advisor MultiEthnic Student Affairs 10/21/19
Elizabeth Brinks USA2 Provost & Vice Chancellor 9/30/19
Katie Burke Lecturer – Mathematics Resch School of Engineering 8/24/20
Erin Carlson Student Services Coordinator Education 8/10/20
Nick Carncross Custodian Lead Residence Life 2/3/20
Shara Cherniak Lecturer – Education Education 8/24/20
Preston Cherry Assistant Professor – Finance Accounting & Finance 8/24/20
John Cheslock Counselor (75%) UW-Green Bay Wellness Center 8/3/20
Tammy Clausen Progressive Business Development Specialist Continuing Education & Community Engagement 1/27/20
Susan Craver Lecturer – Management Marketings & Management 8/24/20
Kassandra DeChamps Custodian Operations 12/10/19
Pieter deHart Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies Provost & Vice Chancellor 1/6/20
Kelly Deuerling Assistant Professor – Water Science Natural & Applied Sciences 8/24/20
Julliann DuPrey Custodian Operations 11/5/19
Sharon Gajeski Lecturer Nursing 8/24/20
Andrew Georgenson IT Project Manager IT Administration 12/2/19
Nicole Gouin Lecturer – Nursing Nursing & Health Studies 8/24/20
Sara Greenwood Lecturer & MSW Field Coordinator Social Work 7/6/20
Kpoti Gunn Assistant Professor – Environmental Engineering Engineering 1/3/20
Todd Hillhouse Assistant Professor – Biological Psychology Psychology 8/24/20
Christopher Houghton Lecturer Natural & Applied Sciences 8/24/20
Michael Hutter Custodian University Union 8/3/20
MD Rasedul Islam Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering Resch School of Engineering 1/27/20
Kristin Kearns Grants and Research Program Manager Office of Grants & Research 1/19/20
Rick Klein Facilities Repair Worker (Sheboygan) Facilities Management 10/22/19
Nichole LaGrow Distance Education Coordinator Provost and Vice Chancellor 11/11/19
Junliang  Lai Student Services Specialist GBOSS (Marinette Campus) 11/22/19
Jennie Lambrecht Lecturer – Education Education 8/24/20
Lisa Lamson Lecturer – History Humanities 8/24/20
Nora Langolf Foundation Accounting Supervisor University Advancement 9/3/19
Crystal Lepscier First Nations Student Success Coordinator Education 5/4/20
Kimberly Lintner Assistant Director of Advising and Retention Academic Advising 6/22/20
Cindy Lopez Johnson Multicultural Advisor MultiEthnic Student Affairs 8/3/20
Tyler Lovato Police Officer Police Department 3/2/20
Marina Lyudmer Financial Specialist Senior Controller’s Office 3/23/20
Vanessa Mahlik Student Services Specialist Student Services 12/2/19
Shawn Malone Assistant Professor – Geoscience Natural & Applied Sciences 8/24/20
Kathryn Marten Student & Community Engagement Coordinator Dean of Cofrin School of Business 3/9/20
Lauren Mauel Lecturer – Education Education 8/24/20
Kathy McKee Lecturer – Marketing Marketings & Management 8/24/20
Samantha Meister Assistant Professor – Education Education 8/24/20
Kim Miller IT Support Specialist Client Services 8/29/19
Laura Mintel Advisor Academic Advising – Sheboygan Campus 11/6/19
Savanna Mishler USPA BHTP 1/16/20
Joanna Morrissey Assistant Professor – Sports Psychology Psychology 8/24/20
Mai Moua Lecturer – Computer Science Resch School of Engineering 8/24/20
Heidi Nell Financial Specialist Senior Facilities 9/11/19
MD Tarique Newaz Assistant Professor – Marketing Marketings & Management 8/24/20
Evelyn Neziri Advisor Admissions 1/6/20
Steve Ninnemann Custodian Lead (Sheboygan) Operations 2/24/20
Kenneth Noe Facilities Maintenance Specialist Facilities Management 11/4/19
Lawrence (Freddie) Owens Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Athletics 7/13/20
Aniruddha Pangarkar Assisatnt Professor – Marketing Marketings & Management 8/24/20
Sue Pischke Photographer/Videographer Marketing & University Communication 11/25/19
Judy Price Progressive Business Development Specialist Continuing Education & Community Engagement 1/27/20
Brandon Pritzl Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Athletics 7/13/20
Kevin Ray Police Officer UW-Green Bay Police 2/24/20
Rasoul Rezvanian Associate Dean – AECSB Austin E Cofrin School of Business 6/1/20
Alexandra Ritchie Marketing & Communications Recruitment Coordinator Marketing & University Communication 1/27/20
Jermaine Rolle Deputy AD for Compliance and Student Services Athletics 8/24/20
Jennifer Ronsman Lecturer – English Comp Humanities 8/24/20
Will Ryan Head Coach – Men’s Basketball Athletics 6/10/20
Aubrey Schramm Executive Manager of GEAR UP Services Continuing Education & Community Engagement 1/3/20
James Schramm Campus Executive Officer – Sheboygan & Manitowoc Provost & Vice Chancellor 1/6/20
Dalton Schwartz Custodian (1st Shift) Operations 1/6/20
Kevin Sevcik Assistant Controller Controller’s Office 7/20/20
Lois Stevens Assistant Professor – First Nations Education First Nations Education 8/24/20
Samantha Surowiec Data Reporting Specialist Provost 3/23/20
Jared Swanson Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Athletics 7/8/20
John Thao Custodian Operations 9/23/19
Jennifer VanBeek Office Manager Student Affairs 1/21/20
Virginia Villarreal Associate Advisor Admissions 1/6/20
Keir Wefferling Assistant Professor – Biology/Herbarium Curator Center for Biodiversity 8/24/20
Bethany Welch Advisor Academic Advising – Marinette Campus 1/3/20
Joy Wick Executive Director of Advancement University Advancement 9/16/19
Troy Williams Development & Marketing Assistant Weidner Center 12/23/19
Nancy Williquette Marketing Manager Marketing & University Communication 11/19/19
Alaynie Woollard Assistant Softball Coach Athletics 10/4/19
Peter Xiong Advisor Pre College 1/21/20
Maria Yakushkina Assistant Professor – Spanish Humanities 8/24/20
Khou Yang Advisor Pre College 1/21/20
William Yazbec Lecturer – Writing Foundations Humanities 8/24/20
Jennifer Zeitler ADA Human Biology 12/19/19
Jian Zhang Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engeineering Resch School of Engineering 8/24/20

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