Video: UW-Green Bay students say ‘thank you’ to scholarship supporters

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This fall, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends have navigated the challenges put forth by the coronavirus pandemic with resilience and grace, and the Phoenix family has much to be proud of this year! As students continue to be challenged with financial obstacles, UW-Green Bay’s scholarship recipients are ever-so-grateful for the support. For many talented and gifted people who dream of going to college, the financial resources may not be available to help them make that dream a reality. Watch the video.

Video Transcript:

My name is Mike Alexander and I have the honor of being the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. We are thrilled at the university to be able to offer over $880,000 a year to our students in the form of scholarships. These scholarships are vital to the university’s success and they’re vital to the ability of our students to move forward in their education, not only to get a great education but also to be able to go out and serve their communities when it’s complete.

I’ve been put in a position where I’ve been able to obtain and earn an athletic scholarship which has been very helpful. I’ve worked hard and dedicated a lot of my time in the classroom, put myself in a position to earn various academic scholarships. I’ve been able to focus more on my dream of becoming a dentist and it’s been just a great, great experience in my college career.

I wanted to get into dairy farming…that didn’t happen but now I’m going into Agronomy, which is the flip side to managing the crops end of things and I really enjoy it. I think that’s the right fit for me. I first dreamed of being a zookeeper and then I realized that that’s a very dirty job and I’m not cut out for that but then I started getting into computers and then I also developed a love for the arts and for dancing and singing. I’ve kind of blended those two together and I dreamed of being a computer science rock star.

I dream about learning about computers. I’m thinking of making something like an educational platform where kids can be able to access education freely so that they can be successful because I believe education is the key foundation to success.

Everyone ultimately wants the same goal and that is for people to chase their passion and the scholarship allowed me to do that.

If I had not received scholarships I’d be working more hours than I am right now and I probably would have to find different jobs because of the jobs that you need to start out with, internships are not always the best paid
and if they get your foot in the door and the career you want, you sometimes have to take a low paying job just to get your foot in the door.

Being a mother too, it was hard for me to just up and go and purchase a laptop as an easy fix. You know, I remember saving like 20 dollars a month just trying to get to it. That scholarship alone went towards that. I was very thankful.

If somebody gives you a scholarship, that means they believe in you, that means they believe in the bright future that I hold and they feel like I’m not just throwing my money, but I’m giving to somebody who I know if I give this money to they’ll be able to be successful and they will be able to have a good impact in life.

We appreciate your support. We cannot say that enough and on behalf of the close to 10,000 people that are in the University community here, we are incredibly grateful for the support that you give us.

This part I want to get correct, I want to say thank you.
Thank you guys.
Thank you for your kind generosity, I wish I could thank you all in person.

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