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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service writes about UW-Green Bay partners

“Often, the most successful research is the result of strong partnerships and the use of pooled knowledge and resources — couple this with mentoring and providing fisheries experience for undergraduate and graduate students and it’s a win-win,” reports the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “The Green Bay Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (FWCO) has a […]

UW-Manitowoc professors recognized at Lake Michigan Day conference

Two UW-Manitowoc professors, Rebecca Abler (Biology) and Richard Hein (Biology), were recognized in the 5th Annual Lake Michigan Day Conference at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc on August 10. They were recognized for their passion for education and inspiration to students in environmental awareness. The last speaker of the conference, Steve Galarneu, pointed out […]

A research team from UW-Green Bay is tracking Sturgeon on the Fox River

A research team from UW-Green Bay is using an underwater microphone to track the young Lake Sturgeon. Led by Associate Prof. Patrick Forsythe (Biology), UW-Green Bay researchers recently implanted sound transmitters in the sturgeon’s bellies and are using underwater microphones to capture information about the 10 fish placed into the Fox River on Monday. Fox 11 […]

This week’s veggie sale

Locally grown, pesticide free veggies are for sale each week from UW-Green Bay’s hoop house and outdoor veggie gardens. Proceeds go directly towards supporting campus gardens! Available this week: Eggplant – $4/bag; kale greens – $4/bag; purple and green basil – $3/smaller bag, $4/larger bag; mixed bag of tomatoes – $3/bag; green beans – $2/bag; Swiss chard […]

Rusty patched bumble bees a matter of concern to scientists

The rusty patched bumble bee population has declined dramatically over the years, but there’s an effort to turn the numbers around. Keith White Prairie is a place on UW-Green Bay campus, where bumble bees swarm flowers known as bee balm. There are around 20 bee species that are native to the state of Wisconsin, but […]

Video: Garden partners

Campus Garden Intern Libby Schmit and faculty member Debra Pearson (Human Biology, Nutrition Science/Dietetics) take us behind the scenes to the campus gardens. The gardens and hoop house provide more than an opportunity to consume fresh, pesticide free produce. It’s also an applied learning opportunity for students. UW-Green Bay’s Sustainability Committee financially supports the intern […]

UW-Green Bay in on ‘Chambers Island BioBlitz’

The Door County Land Trust will be joined by staff, researchers and volunteers from UW-Green Bay and other community members for Chambers Island BioBlitz, a joint effort to collect information about the island’s ecology. On August 7, 2018, community members will assist researchers and learn to use mammal traps, cameras, bird mist nets and other […]

‘Scarlet’ is a rare Northern Black Widow sighting in Wisconsin

WPR reported of the Northern Black Widow, nicknamed “Scarlet,” found in Sheboygan County in 2017. UW-Green Bay Prof. Michael Draney (Natural and Applied Science and Biology) works with a lab that monitors different spider species, including the Black Widow. Read the full story here.