TriBeta Biological Honors Society honors 2023 inductees

On Thursday, May 4th, the UW-Green Bay Chapter of the TriBeta Biological Honors Society hosted its annual induction ceremony in Christie Theater. The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology would like to congratulate the following inductees:

  • Natalie Baumgardner
  • Elizabeth Bird
  • Jessica Bloise
  • Cecilia Clarke
  • Asael Cordova
  • Ramiro Cortez
  • Cynthia Goetz
  • Mackenzie Longdo
  • Adam McCabe
  • Katelyn Nelson
  • Samantha Saloun
  • Kendall Schara
  • Emily Schilling
  • Katherine Wagner
  • Erica Werther

You can learn more about the TriBeta Organization here.

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