UW-Green Bay featured in CSA News

The CSA News featured an article written by UW-Green Bay researchers appeared in the November/December edition. Photos from the university were used and Jacob Derenne, former UW-Green Bay students is featured on the cover page. A cover page description can be found here.

Prof. and Extension Specialist, Kevin Fermanich (Natural & Applied Sciences), Assistant Researcher, Molly Meyers (Environmental Management & Business Institute), Associate Prof. Karen Stahlheber (Biology), and Cofrin School of Business Dean, Mathew Dornbush, co-author a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Environmental Quality. The article, “Challenges in linking soil health to edge-of-field water quality across the Great Lakes basin,” includes co-authors from Purdue University Agronomy Department, the United States Geological Survey (Upper Midwest Water Science Center) and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (Resource Assessment Branch, Beltsville, MD). The article will be part of a special section in the journal on “Exploring the Soil Health-Watershed Health Nexus.” The work is part of an ongoing study that received renewed funding in 2020 through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and USDA. Read the news release about the original project.

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