Faculty note: Kain publications

Senior lecturer Kevin Kain (Humanities and History) has had two essays published in books by the Russian Academy of Art. The are: “The Sacred Waters of the ‘Holy Lake’ (Sviato Ozera). A Wellspring of Hierotopic Activity in the Reign of Aleksei Mikhailovich” Ed. ed. Alexei Lidov Holy Water in the Hierotopy and Iconography of the Christian World (Moscow, 2017), 586-606 and “Sacri Monti and Construction of ‘New Jerusalems’: New Golgothas in Seventeenth Century Muscovy” in ed. Alexei Lidov Holy Mountains in the Hierotopy and Iconography of the Christian World. Materials from the International Symposium (Moscow, 2017) 86-88. “Hierotopy” is the creation of sacred spaces viewed as a special form of human creativity and also a related academic field where specific examples of such creativity are studied. As an interdisciplinary academic field, it spans art history, archeology, cultural anthropology, ethnology and religious studies, but it possesses an object of study and a methodology of its own focused on historical examples of hierotopic projects.)